Infinity Wax - SuperGloss+ Wax 50ML




So why has this been our best selling wax of all time? SuperGloss+ is the follow on from our original SuperGloss wax which first saw popularity way back in 2013, the concept of this wax is what's made it so good and so popular. It's a show wax base which of course delivers superbly on gloss, ease of use, and beading. Exactly what you need to form a show wax, but we then added in our super durable polymer technology, integrated solvent system, or I-S-S for short. This technology uses polymer resins, binders, and filming agents to offer a simply surreal wax experience with up to 6 months of protection from 1 application.

SuperGloss+ is one of those waxes that ticks every box, its incredibly easy to use, whether your a professional or just starting out with high quality detailing products you will get on very well with this wax. The overall performance of Super Gloss+ is just impossible to beat for its price tag

How To Use:

  • Apply SuperGloss+ to clean dry paintwork only, we recommend fully decontaminating your paint before application including removal of any previous waxes.
  • Spread SuperGloss+ lightly on 1-2 panels at a time using a dry foam application pad. Allow 10 minutes to cure before removal with a clean dry microfiber towel.
  • Do not apply SuperGloss+ in direct sunlight, adjust curing time to suit your environment, and monitor your work area closely.
  • Allow 1-12 hours before applying a second coating of SuperGloss+

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