Feynlab - Wheel And Calliper Ceramic (30ML)

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FEYNLAB CERAMIC – WHEEL & CALIPER was developed for the harsh conditions of vehicle wheels. This THICK & Durable coating invites extreme conditions because it was designed for high temperatures and a constant barrage of intense contamination.

Product Benefits:

  • With an extremely high solids content (70%), FEYNLAB CERAMIC – WHEEL & CALIPER will stand up to the daily beating delivered by road contamination and brake dust.
  • FEYNLAB’s™ true Nano technology and bonding chemistry allows for an unparalleled level of protection since the formula penetrates further into the existing paint structure than anything else available.
Durability & Application Surfaces:
  • Durability: 1 Year
Application includes 1 component layer, reaching an overall film build between 1-2 microns.


  • Wheels & callipers
  • Chrome surfaces
Shelf Life:
  • Unopened – 1 year. Opened – Use within 7 days.
  • Always wear respirator & gloves during application. Ensure application area is free of loose contamination.

Paint Preparation:
Thoroughly clean wheels & calipers using FEYNLAB®PURE WASH vehicle to remove all topical contamination. Follow with a topical decontamination clay treatment using FEYNLAB® PRIME. If necessary, use a ferrous iron removal product to remove all embedded iron deposits. After cleaning and polishing to desired level, remove all polish oils using FEYNLAB® PANEL PREP to ensure optimal bonding and durability of the coating.

Prior to application place vehicle in a well lit, temperature controlled 10°C-30°C (50°F-85°F), & contamination free environment. Have plenty (6 or more) new microfiber towels, 2 or 3 microfiber sponge applicators, 1 foam applicator on hand BEFORE application.

Shake WHEEL & CALIPER vigorously for 2 min before use. Open the bottle and allow the coating 1min of air exposure.

CERAMIC WHEEL AND CALIPER – Application Instructions:

  • Apply a small amount of CERAMIC – WHEEL & CALIPER to a microfiber applicator and spread evenly over the wheels or callipers. The amount of product should be enough to evenly coat the area without over saturation.
  • Allow CERAMIC – WHEEL & CALIPER about as much dwell as it would take to apply to all four wheels. (30-40min)
  • After application is complete, remove coating in same pattern as application with a MF towel.

Recommended Maximum Area of Application:
Coat all 4 wheels, then wipe off, following same pattern as application.

Final Inspection:
Be sure to carefully inspect all finished panels for any leftover coating residue (high spots) during the final wipe. Commonly edges, emblems, and other tight areas may contain some remaining residue. High spots are much easier to remove if caught within a 20-40 min window after the final wipe, than later when the coating has set and curing has started.

To layer CERAMIC – WHEEL & CALIPER, wait at least an hour after final wipe off of first layer. For best results and performance wait 1-3 hours between second later. Do NOT layer after 3 hours.

Infrared Curing (Required):
Cure each panel with an IR lamp @ 60°C (140°F) for 15min at a distance of ~30-36″ from the panel.

Post Application Instructions:

  • Avoid any incidental water exposure for 24 hours. If it occurs, gently wipe water off the surface.
  • Avoid all chemicals including car washes for 7 days.
  • If the vehicle must be released in wet conditions before 24hrs after the final coating, then apply FEYNLAB® CERAMIC DETAILER after 2-4 hours of curing time.
  • Wash & Maintain using  FEYNLAB PURE RINSELESS.
Climate Notes:
All FEYNLAB® Coatings are subject to different dwell and curing time windows due to humidity and temperature. In General, the higher the humidity level the quicker the coating will cure. If humidity level approaches 75% or higher then consider lessening the recommended dwell and wipe times for the coating.

If possible apply coating in temperature controlled environment 10°C-30°C (50°F-85°F), with humidity as low as possible.

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