ValetPro - Medium Contamination Removal Bar 100g

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ValetPro's Medium Contamination Removal Bar (100g) tackles moderate paint contaminants like tar spots and overspray, leaving a smooth, clean finish.

  • Versatile application on glass and paintwork
  • Effective removal of tar spots, fallout, traffic film, and tree sap
  • Ideal for enhancement detailing
  • Removes contamination thoroughly
  • Medium grade for slightly more challenging cars
  • Compatible with Citrus Bling or water for optimal performance


Contamination removal is an indispensable step in car detailing, ensuring that the vehicle's surface is thoroughly cleansed of any embedded debris that could compromise the final finish. Even when a car appears clean to the naked eye, it often harbors unseen contaminants that, if left untreated, can lead to scratches and imperfections during subsequent detailing processes. This is where the Medium Contamination Bar shines, offering a step-up in cleansing power from its milder counterparts.

Designed to cater to slightly more challenging or neglected vehicles, the Contamination Clay Bar packs a bit more bite while remaining gentle enough for frequent use. Its versatility extends beyond paintwork, making it equally effective on glass surfaces, offering a comprehensive cleaning solution for your vehicle.

One of its key strengths lies in its ability to tackle a range of stubborn contaminants, including tar spots, fallout, traffic film, and tree sap. By effectively lifting and encapsulating these unwanted substances, the Medium Contamination Bar ensures a thorough cleanse, leaving behind a surface that is free from impurities.

Ideal for enhancement detailing, this medium-grade bar strikes the perfect balance between efficacy and safety, providing the necessary cleansing power without risking damage to the underlying surfaces. Whether you're tackling minor imperfections or conducting a comprehensive detailing session, this versatile tool is up to the task.

For optimal performance, the Contamination Bar can be paired with Citrus Bling or water, enhancing its cleaning capabilities and ensuring smooth, effortless application. This compatibility adds to its appeal, allowing detailers to customize their cleaning approach based on the specific needs of the vehicle.

Overall, the Medium Contamination Bar is a must-have tool for any detailing enthusiast or professional, offering reliable performance, versatile application, and thorough contamination removal. With its ability to rejuvenate even the most neglected surfaces, it's an essential addition to any detailing arsenal, helping to achieve a pristine finish with every use.


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