Auto Finesse Detailing Bucket with Grit Guard

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Dirt Disappears, Shine Appears: Wash smarter, not harder

The Auto Finesse car wash bucket with a grit guard keeps your wash mitt clean, minimizing swirls and scratches for a perfect finish.

  • Perfect choice as part of your two-bucket wash method.
  • 20-Litre capacity.
  • 285mm Wide / 358mm tall.
  • Finished in gloss black, with the Auto Finesse logo.


Wash your car in style with this detailing bucket, finished in gloss black with the stylish Auto Finesse logo printed on the front and now including a teal grit guard. The Auto Finesse car cleaning bucket is the perfect choice for the two-bucket wash method. This dynamic duo equips you with everything you need to achieve a swirl-free finish, protect your car's paintwork, and enhance its shine.

The Auto Finesse bucket with grit guard boasts a generous 20-litre capacity, offering ample space for your car wash shampoo solution. Made from durable plastic, this bucket is built to withstand the demands of regular washing. Standing at 358mm tall and 285mm wide, it provides a comfortable working height and easily accommodates most wash mitts and sponges.

The sleek, gloss black finish exudes a touch of detailing finesse, complementing your car care arsenal. Proudly displayed on the front is the Auto Finesse logo, a subtle nod to your dedication to premium car care products.

But the true star of this system is the integration with the Grit Guard, a revolutionary grid that sits at the bottom of the bucket. This innovative design plays a pivotal role in the two-bucket wash method. As you wash your car, dirt and grime inevitably get picked up by your wash mitt. The Grit Guard, with its textured surface and ridges, acts as a barrier, separating the dirty water and debris from your clean wash solution. This prevents the contaminated water from re-contacting your car, minimizing the risk of swirls and scratches caused by trapped dirt particles.

By utilizing the Auto Finesse car detailing bucket and Grit Guard system, you'll experience a significant improvement in your car washing results. With a clean wash solution consistently available, you'll achieve a deeper clean, and flawless finish that will leave your car looking its absolute best. Invest in this essential detailing duo and witness the transformative power of the two-bucket wash method.

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