Auto Finesse Lavish Ceramic Snow Foam

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Lavish Ceramic Snow Foam blankets your car in thick foam, removing dirt while adding a protective ceramic layer that lasts for months.

  • See the results instantly.
  • 6 months of ceramic Si02 protection.
  • Simple spray-on and rinse-off application.
  • High foam formula.
  • Enhanced Cleaning Power.
  • Effortless Application.
  • Brilliant Shine & Slick Finish.
  • Safe for All Paint Types.


Traditionally, achieving long-lasting ceramic protection involved a multi-step process requiring dedicated time and effort. But what if you could achieve similar results while performing your regular car wash? Auto Finesse Lavish Ceramic Foam is a groundbreaking innovation that simplifies ceramic protection like never before.

You can now witness the transformative power of Auto Finesse Lavish instantly. Its high-foaming formula clings to your car's surface, gently lifting and dissolving dirt and grime. But Lavish goes beyond mere cleaning. As the foam cascades, it deposits a layer of Sio2 ceramic protection, bonding directly to the paintwork. The result? Up to 6 months of protection against the elements, all achieved during your regular wash routine.

Gone are the days of tedious buffing and layering as Auto Finesse Lavish ceramic snow foam embraces simplicity. Simply attach it to your snow foam lance and watch as it effortlessly coats your entire car. The thick foam ensures even coverage, maximising cleaning power and ceramic protection.

Auto Finesse ceramic foam isn't just about protection; it elevates your entire wash routine. The enhanced cleaning power tackles even the toughest dirt, leaving your car impeccably clean. Following the rinse, a dazzling high-gloss finish emerges, accentuated by the hydrophobic properties of the ceramic coating. Water sheets off effortlessly, minimising drying time and leaving behind a flawless, slick surface.

Lavish ceramic snow foam caters to all. Its gentle formula ensures safe application on all paint types, including clear coats, existing ceramic coatings, and even delicate wraps. This versatility, coupled with its effortless application, makes Lavish the perfect choice for busy car enthusiasts who demand both convenience and exceptional results.

Experience the transformative power of Auto Finesse Lavish Ceramic Snow Foam. Effortless application, enhanced cleaning, and long-lasting protection – all in a single, revolutionary product. Upgrade your wash routine today and see the difference that instant ceramic protection can make.

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