Auto Finesse Revive Trim Dressing - Auto Trimmer

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Breathe new life into your faded trim

Auto Finesse Revive Trim Dressing restores colour and leaves a subtle, satin finish. This water-resistant formula protects against future fading, keeping your car looking showroom-fresh for weeks on end.

  • Darkens and restores colour to exterior trims.
  • Leaves a satin finish.
  • Water resistant.
  • Developed with silicone-polymers to protect from future fading
  • Works perfectly when applied with our tyre and trim applicator.


Faded plastic trims are a fact of life on modern vehicles, but with Auto Finesse Revive trim dressing, we believe we have come up with a perfect solution. Auto Finesse Revive darkens and restores colour to the trim, leaving behind a subtle satin finish that is dry to the touch, and will not run off in the rain. Once applied, its advanced formula will help to protect plastic and rubber trim from future fading, with durability that exceeds conventional water-based dressings. After significant research and development, Auto Revive is a trim restorer and protectant that truly lives up to its name.

Like all Auto Finesse car care products, automatic trim Revive is formulated to suit the needs of professional detailers but can be used with great success by detailing enthusiasts and first-time detailers as well. A solvent-based dressing using the latest silicone-polymers to restore and protect the finish, Revive sets a new standard in trim dressing technology. These silicone-polymers help to shield the trim from damaging UV radiation and instil hydrophobic properties that help to repel weathering. They also make Revive resistant to regular washing, maintaining a factory fresh finish week after week.

Unlike most trim dressings, Auto Finesse auto trimmer can be put into service immediately after application without sacrificing performance. This makes it perfect for time-pressed mobile detailers working out in the field, or enthusiasts used to the realities of detailing under the wide open sky. If you’re used to battling faded plastic or rubber trims, and trim restorers that don’t live up to their manufacturer’s claims, Auto Finesse Revive will feel like a dream come true. Revive helps to re-hydrate dried-out rubber weather seals, and keep your vehicle’s exterior trim in peak physical condition.

In detailing, waxes, sealants, and polishes are what steal the show. There’s something captivating about well-detailed paint, but without the finishing touches, having flawless paint is almost meaningless. Brand new looking trims are one of those finishing touches, and they help to define the car or motorcycle, bringing the rest of your detailing work into focus. With the same ease of use and performance that made Auto Finesse an overnight sensation in the detailing community, Revive is a durable trim dressing that will help you make your masterpiece complete and revive wheels.

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