Auto Finesse Swirl Spotter

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The ultimate professional detailing light, the Auto Finesse Swirl Spotter is an indispensable tool for taking your paint enhancement and correction processes to the next level.

This product has been specifically developed by our pro detailers to make polishing paintwork and gloss plastics easier and more accessible to enthusiasts looking to get supreme professional results at home.

This heavy-duty correction companion features a powerful, 500-lumens chip-on-board (COB) LED light to offer higher intensity, better clarity, and more uniformity over traditional, hand-held LED lamps. By utilising this specially-engineered principle light source, the Swirl Spotter can emulate intense sunlight to highlight minuscule defects including swirl marks, holograms, and light scratches. This not only identifies the type of paintwork blemishes that tend to go unnoticed until your car is subjected to real-world light sources, such as street lamps and strong sunshine but ensures that these defects can be removed effectively when machine polishing. The best way to superb results, and a flawless finish, every time you polish your car.

The machine polishing process is one of the most advanced stages in detailing. This is where we use abrasives to cut away defects and refine paintwork down to a flawless finish. The Swirl Spotter has been engineered to make these defects and flaws easier to identify, both before and during the polishing process. This ensures that your machine polishing is safer and more effective than ever by helping you choose the correct compounds and polishes for every cutting and refining task. Check our article – The Basic Guide To Machine Polishing – to see how you can use the Swirl Spotter to achieve the best results during your detail.

The Swirl Spotter also features a rechargeable 2000mAH battery for up to 4-hours of constant use. And comes complete with a secondary 170 lumens LED torch, a 270-degree adjustable stand, and even a built-in 5V power bank.

Constructed from impact-resistant ABS, this product is tough enough to achieve an IP44 rating for shock and water resistance, making the Swirl Spotter detailing light the ideal companion for our Complete Machine Polishing Kit and our Revitalise System V2 Compounds, along with our DPX and MPX Dual Action Machine Polishers.

 Product Summary:

  • Dual LED arrays - 10W (COB LED) 3W (LED Head).
  • 270 degree adjustable stand.
  • 4-bar power display.
  • Built-in 5V power bank.
  • Magnetic base and back.
  • Aluminium heatsink.
  • Ip44 rated for water and shock resistance.
  • Work time: 3-4 hours.
  • Dimensions: 169x44x34mm.


  • Total size: H 100mm x W 100mm x D 100mm.
  • Weight: 1,000g.

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