Auto Finesse Wash Mitt (Noodle MicroFibre)

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The Auto Finesse Noodle Wash Mitt pampers your car with ultra-plush microfibres for a scratch-free, sparkling clean. Long, flexible noodles reach every nook and cranny, leaving your ride undeniably glossy.

  • Ultra-plush microfibres.
  • Swirl-free finish.
  • Long, flexible noodles.
  • Increased surface area.
  • Durable design.


Unlike traditional wash mitts that can trap dirt particles and scratch your paint, the Auto Finesse Noodle Wash Mitt boasts an incredibly soft microfibre construction. These luxurious microfibres gently glide over your car's surface, lifting away dirt and grime without leaving any unwanted swirls or marks. The result? A showroom-quality shine that reflects all the hard work you put into maintaining your car's beauty.

The secret weapon of the Auto Finesse car wash mitt lies in its unique noodle design. These long, flexible noodles effortlessly conform to the curves and contours of your car, ensuring a thorough clean even in those hard-to-reach areas. Whether it's the intricate details around your grill or the tight corners near the bumpers, the Noodle Wash Mitt ensures no spot is left untouched.

The innovative noodle design doesn't just improve reach; it also significantly increases the surface area of the wash mitt. This allows the mitt to trap more dirt and grit particles during the washing process, preventing them from scratching your paint. With every wipe, the Noodle car wash mitts effectively remove contaminants, leaving your car impeccably clean.

The Auto Finesse car cleaning mitt is not just about delivering a flawless wash; it's also built to be a long-lasting addition to your car care arsenal. The high-quality microfibres are incredibly durable and designed to withstand numerous washes without losing effectiveness.

So, upgrade your car washing routine with the Auto Finesse Noodle Wash Mitt. Experience the difference of a gentle, swirl-free clean and see your car shine brighter.

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