Autoglym Hi-Tech Interior Microfibre

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Looking for a perfect finish on your car's interior? Autoglym Hi-Tech Interior Microfibre is the ultimate solution for you. This high-quality cloth tackles dust, fingerprints, and even helps with light cleaning, leaving your car's interior looking showroom-fresh.

  • Traps dust.
  • Professional and perfect finish.
  • Versatility beyond dust.
  • Compact and convenient.
  • Machine washable.


Autoglym Hi-Tech Interior Microfibre is a premium cloth specifically designed to tackle dust, fingerprints, and light cleaning tasks. This ultra-soft microfibre cloth boasts specially designed fibers that effectively trap and lift dust from your car's interior surfaces, leaving behind a flawless, showroom-fresh look.

The Hi-Tech Interior Microfibre's unique fiber structure acts like a magnet, attracting and trapping dust particles without scratching or harming delicate surfaces. This ensures a gentle yet thorough cleaning that removes even the finest dust, leaving your interior feeling refreshingly clean.

But the benefits extend far beyond dust removal. The Hi-Tech Microfibre's ultra-soft composition makes it ideal for achieving a professional-looking finish. Unlike traditional cloths that can leave behind streaks and marks, this microfibre cloth glides effortlessly across surfaces, buffing away fingerprints and leaving behind a flawless, shine-enhancing finish.

The versatility of the Autoglym hi-tech interior microfibre cloth doesn't stop at dust. This multi-purpose cloth can also be used in conjunction with your favourite Autoglym interior cleaners for light cleaning tasks. Whether you're tackling minor spills or removing grime from surfaces, the Hi-Tech Microfibre's gentle yet effective cleaning power works in harmony with your chosen cleaning product to leave your interior looking its best.

Convenience is another key feature of the Hi-Tech Microfibre. The compact 40cm x 40cm size makes it easy to store in your glove box or car compartment, ensuring you always have it on hand for quick clean-ups. Additionally, the generous size allows you to fold the cloth multiple times, providing multiple clean surfaces to maximize its effectiveness.

Maintaining peak performance is effortless. Unlike some cleaning tools, the Hi-Tech Microfibre is machine washable, allowing you to easily refresh it after each use. Simply follow the recommended care instructions to ensure long-lasting performance and continued top-notch cleaning results.

Invest in the Autoglym Hi-Tech Interior Microfibre and experience the difference a premium quality microfibre cloth can make in your car's interior. This versatile tool will leave your car dust-free, fingerprint-free, and looking showroom-fresh with every use.

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