AutoGlym - High Performance Tyre Gel 500ML

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Don't settle for short-lived tyre shine! AutoGlym's High Performance Tyre Gel is a super durable gel that provides a sleek finish that resists streaking and lasts for a longer time.

  • Long-lasting shine.
  • Dual finish.
  • Easy application.
  • Non-greasy formula.
  • Silicone polymers.


AutoGlym High Performance Tyre Gel a tyre dressing that not only delivers a stunning, long-lasting shine but also provides versatility and ease of application like never before. Our tyre dressing is engineered to redefine your expectations, offering a durable gloss or natural satin finish that stands the test of time.

The key to this autoglym high performance tyre gel 500ml dressing's exceptional performance lies in its unique formulation. Crafted with precision, our advanced gel formula ensures effortless application without the mess or splattering commonly associated with traditional tyre dressings. Simply apply the dressing directly onto the tyre surface, and let it work its magic.

What sets our tyre dressing apart is its dual finish capabilities. For those seeking a high-gloss look that commands attention, simply apply the dressing and leave it on. The result? A brilliant shine that lasts for weeks, not days, elevating the appearance of your tyres to showroom perfection. Alternatively, for a more understated, natural satin finish, buff the applied dressing with a microfiber cloth. This versatility allows you to tailor the finish to suit your preference, ensuring your tyres look their best in any setting.

But our tyre dressing isn't just about aesthetics—it's also about performance. Formulated with silicone polymers, it goes beyond mere shine to provide long-lasting protection for your tyres. These active polymers enhance the depth of shine while forming a protective barrier against environmental elements, keeping your tyres looking pristine for longer periods. What's more, the non-greasy formula ensures a sleek finish that not only enhances the appearance of your tyres but also resists attracting dirt and grime, keeping them cleaner for longer.

Whether you're a car enthusiast looking to showcase your prized vehicle or simply someone who takes pride in maintaining a clean and polished look, our tyre dressing is the perfect solution. With its easy application, dual finish options, non-greasy formula, and silicone polymer technology, it's time to elevate your tyre care routine to the next level. Say goodbye to dull, lackluster tyres and hello to a lasting shine that turns heads wherever you go.


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