AutoGlym - Instant Show Shine 450ML

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Give your car a touch-up between washes! Autoglym Instant Show Shine is a one-step solution that tackles dust, fingerprints, and light marks on paintwork, plastics, and more, for a fast and impressive shine.

  • Versatile application.
  • Quick detailing.
  • Shine restoration.
  • Light abrasive action.
  • Easy to use.


Keeping your car looking its best doesn't always require a whole afternoon spent detailing. For those times when a quick and easy refresh is needed, the Autoglym Instant Show Shine 450ML is a perfect solution. This versatile detailer works wonders on a variety of surfaces, bringing back that showroom shine in just minutes.

What makes Instant Show Shine so useful is its ability to tackle a variety of car surfaces. Unlike some detailers that are limited to just paintwork, this product can be used safely on a variety of materials. It can restore shine and remove light dust, fingerprints, and even water spots from your car's paintwork. It can also be used on plastic bumpers, trim pieces, and exterior moldings to bring back their lustre. Even rubber gets a refresh – tyres and weather stripping can be cleaned and left with a clean black finish, all without a greasy residue. Glass windows and windshields achieve a streak-free shine for improved visibility, and even vinyl interiors like dashboards and door panels can be revitalized with a touch of shine and a fresh look.

The beauty of Instant Show Shine Autoglym lies in its speed and ease of use. To achieve that showroom shine in no time, simply shake the bottle well to ensure the product is mixed properly. For paintwork, glass, and hard plastics, a light spray is all that's needed. Then, use a clean microfiber cloth to buff the surface, revealing a deep gloss finish. For more absorbent surfaces like vinyl and rubber, apply a more generous amount and wipe lightly with your microfiber cloth. Allow the surface to dry completely for a natural sheen.

While Autoglym Instant Show Shine on black wheels isn't a permanent solution, it utilizes a mild abrasive formula that effectively removes light imperfections without damaging the surface. This makes it ideal for maintaining your car's shine between washes or for a quick touch-up before a show or special event. The easy-to-use spray and buff application make it a breeze to maintain a clean and polished look for your car. The product also leaves behind a protective layer that helps resist dust and fingerprints for a lasting shine.

Autoglym Instant Show Shine 450ML is a perfect choice for car enthusiasts who want a versatile, quick, and easy way to achieve a showroom shine. Its ability to clean, enhance shine, and protect a variety of surfaces makes it a valuable addition to any car care routine.

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