Autoglym Magma Iron Remover 500ML

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Are tiny rust-coloured specks plaguing your car's paint and wheels? Autoglym Magma Iron Remover might be the solution. This 500ml powerhouse utilizes colour-changing technology to target and eliminate iron deposits, leaving your car looking spotless.

  • Targets iron contamination.
  • Colour Transform Technology.
  • Safe for various surfaces.
  • Easy rinsing.
  • Deep cleaning.


Your car is constantly bombarded by invisible enemies - airborne contaminants. These include tiny iron particles that settle on your paintwork, looking like rust specks, and brake dust that coats your wheels, hiding their shine. The result? A dull, lacklustre appearance for your once-gleaming vehicle.

But fear not, there's a weapon in your arsenal to combat this. Autoglym Magma Iron Remover is a 500ml powerhouse formulated to tackle these iron invaders. Here's how it works its magic:

Magma utilizes cutting-edge Colour Transform Technology. This means the special ingredients in the formula react directly with iron particles. As this reaction occurs, the solution itself transforms, turning a vibrant red. This visual cue is fantastic - it lets you see exactly where iron contamination is hiding on your car's surface. No more mystery spots - you can target the areas that need the most attention.

The magic doesn't stop there. While the Colour Transform Technology is highlighting the enemy, the active ingredients in Magma are busy breaking down the iron deposits. They safely loosen their grip on your paintwork and wheels, making them easy to remove. This allows for a thorough and simple rinse-off clean. No harsh scrubbing is required - the loosened iron particles wash away effortlessly, leaving behind a truly deep clean.

Magma is a versatile warrior. It's not just for paintwork. The same iron-targeting technology makes it perfect for tackling brake dust on your wheels. So, with one product, you can restore both the brilliance of your car's body and the shine of its wheels.

Don't let iron contaminants steal your car's sparkle. With Autoglym Magma Iron Remover and its innovative Colour Transform Technology, you can easily identify and eliminate these enemies, leaving your car looking spotless and feeling revitalised.

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