AutoGlym - Pure Shampoo 500ML

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Want a simple and effective way to keep your car clean? Autoglym Pure Shampoo is a pH-neutral formula that quickly removes everyday contaminants, leaving a streak-free shine.

  • pH neutral formula.
  • Rich foaming action.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Removes everyday contaminants.
  • Streak-free finish.


Maintaining a clean and shiny car doesn't require harsh chemicals or complicated processes. Autoglym Pure Shampoo 500ML offers a simple and effective solution for keeping your car looking its best. This pH-neutral formula is gentle on your car's paintwork, yet powerful enough to remove everyday contaminants and leave a spotless, streak-free finish.

The secret lies in the shampoo's balanced formula. Being pH neutral ensures it's safe for use on all types of paintwork, including those with a wax or sealant layer. You won't have to worry about stripping away any existing protection while achieving a clean finish.

But gentleness doesn't mean sacrificing cleaning power. Autoglym Pure Shampoo boasts a rich foaming action. As you wash your car, the thick layer of foam acts like a lubricant, helping to lift and remove dirt particles gently. This minimizes the risk of scratches or swirls that can occur during washing with a less effective shampoo. The rich foam also ensures thorough cleaning, reaching even into narrow crevices and corners.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Autoglym pure shampoo 500ml is its ease of use. The formula is designed to be simple to apply and rinse clean. No complicated steps or special techniques are required. Simply apply the shampoo to your car's wet surface, wash with a microfiber mitt, and rinse thoroughly. The shampoo rinses clean without leaving any streaks or residue behind, saving you time and effort spent buffing or drying.

Everyday driving exposes your car to a variety of contaminants, from dust and road grime to bird droppings and splattered insects. Pure shampoo Autoglym effectively tackles these everyday enemies, leaving your car looking refreshed and revitalized. After washing with this shampoo, you'll notice a remarkable difference in the overall appearance of your car. The paintwork will appear shiny and spotless, with no unsightly streaks or water marks to detract from the clean look.

Autoglym Pure Shampoo 500ML is a perfect choice for car owners who value a simple, effective, and gentle car wash solution. It offers a safe and powerful clean, removes everyday contaminants, and leaves a dazzling streak-free finish – all in one easy wash.

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