Chemical Guys Fatty Super Dryer Microfiber Towel, Orange 25" x 34"

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Drying your car after a wash can be a time-consuming task. Not anymore! The Chemical Guys Fatty Dryer Microfiber Towel is a super-sized solution for quick and efficient drying. This ultra-absorbent towel soaks up tons of water, leaving your car spotless and ready to shine in no time.

  • Massive absorption capacity.
  • Ultra-plush & scratch-free.
  • Giant size for big results.
  • Lint-free & streak-free finish.
  • Machine washable & reusable.


Drying your car after a wash can feel like an endless battle against lingering water droplets. But what if you could cut down on drying time and achieve a perfect shine with minimal effort? The Chemical Guys Fatty Super Dryer Microfiber Towel is here to revolutionize your car drying routine. This isn't your average towel; it's a super-absorbent powerhouse designed to soak up massive amounts of water, leaving your car spotless and ready to shine in no time.

Imagine a drying towel that acts like a giant sponge, absorbing water with incredible efficiency. That's the magic of this microfiber towel. The secret lies in its premium microfiber material. This specially designed fabric boasts a massive absorption capacity, allowing it to hold onto huge amounts of water. With a single swipe, this towel removes large sheets of water, significantly reducing drying time and eliminating the need for constant wringing.

Drying your car shouldn't come at the expense of a flawless finish as cheaply-made towels can inflict micro-scratches on your car's delicate paintwork. This towel prioritizes both efficiency and protection. This luxurious towel features dense, ultra-plush fibers that are incredibly soft to the touch. These gentle fibers trap dirt deep within their core, preventing them from scratching the surface as you dry. So, you can achieve a spotless finish with confidence, knowing your car's paintwork is safe from harm.

Drying a car, especially a larger vehicle, can feel like a never-ending task. The super dryer microfiber towel tackles this challenge head-on with its oversized design. Measuring a substantial 25" x 34", this towel allows you to cover large surface areas quickly and efficiently. In a single pass, you can remove water from entire sections of your car, minimizing the time and effort required to achieve a complete dry. This massive size makes the product perfect for drying cars of all sizes, from sedans to SUVs and even trucks.

The quest for a perfect car wash often ends in frustration with towels that leave behind lint and streaks. The Chemical Guys towel is constructed from high-quality microfiber specifically chosen to eliminate these issues. The premium material ensures a lint-free finish, leaving your car's paintwork smooth and flawless. Additionally, the exceptional absorbency of the towel minimizes the risk of water streaks, ensuring a sparkling clean finish every time.

The Chemical Guys towel is constructed from durable materials, this towel can withstand countless washes without losing its effectiveness. The high-quality microfiber material dries quickly, preventing the growth of mould and mildew. And when it's time for a refresh, simply toss the towel in the washing machine for effortless cleaning. This machine-washable and reusable design makes the super dryer towel a long-lasting and economical choice for keeping your car looking its best.

Overlook the endless drying routine and experience the superior performance of the Chemical Guys Fatty Super Dryer Microfiber Towel. With its massive absorption capacity, ultra-soft and scratch-free fibers, giant size, and lint-free finish, this towel makes drying your car a quick and enjoyable task.

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