Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Light-Medium Polishing Pad White (5.5 Inch)

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Buff away imperfections, reveal a radiant shine!

The Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Light-Medium Polishing Pad (White, 5.5 Inch) tackles minor scratches and swirls, leaving behind a smooth, high-gloss finish. This versatile pad is perfect for restoring shine and polishing out imperfections after using a cutting compound.

  • Light to medium polishing.
  • Even product distribution.
  • Extended pad life.
  • Improved contact on curves.
  • Paint protection.
  • Durable construction.


The latest Hex-Logic polishing pads represent a significant advancement in polishing performance and user comfort, thanks to their redesigned and revamped features. Specifically, the White Hex-Logic Heavy Polishing Pad is designed to provide a flawless finish, restoring reflection, clarity, and depth to surfaces after cutting away heavy swirls and scratches with a cutting pad. Since their introduction, Chemical Guys hex logic pads have swiftly become the preferred choice for detailing professionals and hardcore enthusiasts, praised for their even spread and cutting power facilitated by the unique Hex-Logic grooves.

Machine polishing stands out as the most effective method for permanently removing and repairing paint defects, parallel to exfoliating skin to reveal fresher layers underneath. With the new Hex-Logic polisher pads, detailing is taken to the next level through engineering that incorporates the finest and most durable detailing foams, a hook and loop interface, and V-cut channels to optimize airflow and cooling characteristics. The rounded profile of the pad further enhances flexibility, ensuring smoother polishing performance, especially on curves and contours.

Moreover, these chemical guys polishing pads feature new materials and manufacturing processes that enhance airflow, effectively cooling foam pads and reducing wear and tear that can lead to pad foam detachment from the backing material. This commitment to durability ensures that the pads maintain their integrity even during intensive use. Overall, the new and improved pad design builds upon the tried-and-true dependability and effectiveness of the Hex-Logic concept, elevating detailing standards and delivering exceptional results.

Detailers can rely on the Hex-Logic car polishing pads to provide superior polishing performance and a more comfortable experience. Whether tackling heavy compounding, fine polishing, or finishing with a coat of wax, these pads are engineered to excel at every step of the detailing process. With their advanced features and unparalleled effectiveness, the new Hex-Logic polisher buffing pads represent a significant advancement in automotive detailing technology, setting a new standard for excellence in the industry.

Note: One Pad Included.

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