Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Light Polishing/Finishing Pad Blue (5.5 Inch)

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Maintain a perfect polish

Chemical Guys' Hex-Logic Light Polishing/Finishing Pad (Blue, 5.5") keeps your car looking showroom-ready. This fine finishing pad removes minor imperfections and effortlessly buffs away wax and polish residue, leaving behind a smooth, high-gloss finish.

  • Light polishing & finishing.
  • Even application.
  • Improved pad life.
  • Enhanced contact.
  • Paint protection.
  • Sturdy structure.


The latest iteration of Hex-Logic polishing pads marks a significant upgrade in both polishing performance and user comfort. From the moment they were introduced, Hex-Logic Polishing Pads quickly gained popularity among detailing professionals and dedicated enthusiasts. The unique Hex-Logic grooves provided an unparalleled level of even spread and cutting power, revolutionizing the buffing process. Detailers soon embraced these pads for every stage of detailing, whether it involved heavy compounding, fine polishing, or finishing with a flawless coat of wax.

Machine polishing stands out as the definitive method for permanently eradicating paint swirls, scratches, and various defects. Much like the process of exfoliating skin, a polishing machine spins the pad and compound on the surface, physically removing layers of paint to reveal a refreshed appearance. The new Chemical Guys polishing pads are engineered with premium detailing foams, a durable hook and loop interface, and innovative V-cut channels. These features work in harmony to enhance airflow and cooling, ensuring optimal pad performance.

A key enhancement in the latest Chemical Guys hex logic pads is the rounded profile, which allows for improved flexibility when navigating curves and contours. This ensures a smoother polishing experience and enhances the overall effectiveness of the pads. Additionally, new materials and manufacturing processes have been implemented to enhance airflow, effectively cooling buffing pads and minimizing wear and tear that could compromise their longevity.

The redesigned Hex-Logic automotive polishing pads build upon the foundation of dependability and effectiveness established by the Hex-Logic concept. By incorporating cutting-edge engineering and materials, these pads elevate the detailing experience to new heights. Detailers can rely on them to deliver superior polishing results while enjoying enhanced comfort and ease of use. Overall, the latest Hex-Logic polishing pads represent a significant leap forward in automotive detailing technology, setting a new standard for excellence in the industry.

Note: One Pad Included.

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