Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Medium Cutting Hand Applicator Pad Orange

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Restore shine without the machine!

Achieve a professional-looking polish without the power tools. The Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Medium Cutting Hand Applicator Pad (Orange) removes moderate defects by hand, leaving behind a clear, polished finish. Perfect for those who want a touch-up or prefer manual detailing.

  • Polish swirls and scratches.
  • Fits in small areas like doorjambs, handles, and mirrors.
  • Perfect size for any hand.
  • Works great on intricate shapes on wheels, headlights, bumpers, windows, and exhaust tips.
  • Use an Orange Medium Duty Cutting Pad with any compound or polish.
  • Perfect for removing swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, paint transfer, and marring.


When it comes to tackling hard-to-reach spots and small isolated areas during polishing, Hex-Logic Hand Applicator Pads are the perfect solution. These hand-held pads are designed to effectively polish and remove swirls, scratches, and paint transfer from areas where a machine polisher may not fit. From door handles and trunk jambs to window sills, wheels, exhaust tips, and fog lights, these pads allow for precise and efficient polishing without the need for a dual-action polisher or rotary buffer.

Drawing inspiration from nature's efficiency, orange Hex-Logic Pads feature hexagonal chambers, similar to honeycomb structures, which ensure even spread and fast and efficient polishing work over any painted surface. The pads utilize premium pad foams, Hex-Logic grooves, and distinct foam densities, mirroring the quality and performance of Hex-Logic Machine Polishing Pads. This ensures consistent and reliable results, regardless of whether you're using a machine or polishing by hand.

The orange Hexagon Hand Polishing Pad, in particular, is designed for medium cutting purposes, making it ideal for scratch and defect removal. From swirl marks and scratches to oxidation and paint transfer, this pad effectively removes various imperfections from painted surfaces. It works seamlessly with any Chemical Guys compound or cutting polish, providing versatility and ease of use for detailing tasks where a machine polisher is not feasible.

These Chemical Guys polishing pads excel at removing moderate swirls and scratches from paintwork and clear optical plastics, such as modern headlights. Its low-profile foam pad fits perfectly into hard-to-reach places, allowing for precise polishing in areas like door jambs, door handles, and engine bays. The cutting power of the orange Chemical Guys hex logic pads is particularly effective for restoring clarity to faded headlight lenses after wet-sanding steps.

Compatible with a range of Chemical Guys polishing compounds and polishes, including V32, V34, and V36 Optical Grade Polishes, as well as VSS Scratch & Swirl Remover, the Chemical Guys hex logic pads offer versatility and efficiency. It enables anyone to achieve professional-quality results in restoring damaged paintwork without the need for a machine polisher. With the Hex-Logic Medium Cutting Hand Pad, detailing enthusiasts can achieve exceptional outcomes by hand, utilizing advanced functional surface technology for superior performance and finish.

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