Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Medium-Heavy Cutting Pad Orange (5.5 Inch)

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Moderate scratches? No problem!

The Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Medium-Heavy Cutting Pad (Orange, 5.5 Inch) tackles those pesky imperfections head-on. This powerful pad removes moderate scratches, swirls, and oxidation, restoring a smooth, flawless finish to your paintwork.

  • Restores optical clarity and reflection.
  • Exclusive Hex-Logic pattern.
  • V-cut channels in Hex-Logic pattern.
  • The rounded buffing profile helps the pad slip into dramatic body curves.
  • Bevelled edge between hook-and-loop backing and foam pad.
  • Breathable hook-and-loop.
  • New adhesives and manufacturing techniques.


The new Hex-Logic pads represent a significant advancement in polishing technology, boasting the finest and most durable detailing foams, hook and loop interface, and V-cut channels to enhance airflow and cooling characteristics. Engineered by Hex-Logic engineers, these pads feature a rounded profile for improved flexibility, allowing them to flex into curves and contours with ease, resulting in smoother polishing performance. Additionally, new materials and manufacturing processes have been implemented to improve airflow and reduce wear and tear, ensuring the longevity of the pads.

The Orange Hex-Logic pad, in particular, is designed to tackle light to moderate swirls, scratches, oxidation, and other defects from paint finishes, restoring reflection, clarity, and depth. Since their introduction, Hex-Logic Polishing Pads have quickly become the preferred choice for detailing professionals and enthusiasts, thanks to their even spread and cutting power facilitated by the unique Hex-Logic grooves. This versatility has made them indispensable for every step of the detailing process, from heavy compounding to fine polishing and finishing with a protective wax coat.

Machine polishing remains the most effective method for permanently removing and repairing paint defects, akin to exfoliating skin to reveal fresher layers underneath. Paint correction involves the use of abrasive compounds and machine polishers to remove "dead" layers of paint, revealing scratch-free paint and enhancing clarity and reflection. It's crucial to approach paint correction cautiously, as removing too much paint can necessitate costly repairs or even panel repainting. Therefore, starting with the least aggressive cutting pad and compound, such as the Chemical Guys hex logic pads and V36 Cutting Polish, is recommended for a safer approach to paint correction.

Before proceeding with the entire work area, it's advisable to conduct a small test spot with the least aggressive cutting pad and compound to ensure the desired results. This cautious approach minimizes the risk of over-aggressive paint removal, ensuring that enough defects are removed without causing damage. By prioritizing safety and precision, detailers can achieve optimal results and avoid costly mistakes, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of their work. Thus, beginning polishing jobs with the Orange Chemical Guys polishing pads sets a solid foundation for a successful detailing process.

Note: One Pad Included.

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