Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Polishing Hand Applicator Pad White

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Shine on, detailer!

The Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Polishing Hand Applicator Pad (White) puts the power of a perfect polish in your hands. This comfortable pad removes light scratches and swirls while buffing out wax residue, leaving behind a smooth, high-gloss finish.

  • Hand-buff away imperfections.
  • Tackles tight spots.
  • Universal comfort.
  • Curved surface perfection.
  • Light duty polishing.


When it comes to addressing hard-to-reach spots and isolated areas during the polishing process, Hex-Logic Hand Applicator Pads are an essential tool. These hand-held pads are specifically designed for removing swirls, scratches, and paint transfer from areas where a machine polisher may not be suitable. From door handles and trunk jambs to window sills, wheels, exhaust tips, and fog lights, these pads offer versatility and precision, enabling effective polishing without the need for a dual action polisher or rotary buffer.

Hex-Logic hand polishing pads are engineered with the same premium pad foams, Hex-Logic grooves, and distinct foam densities as their machine polishing counterparts. This ensures consistent performance and reliable results, whether you're using a machine or polishing by hand. Inspired by nature's efficiency, these pads feature hexagonal chambers, similar to honeycomb structures, which facilitate even paint removal and efficient polishing work over any painted surface.

The White Chemical Guys polishing pads are particularly suited for scratch and defect removal, as well as refining harder compound marks. This pad effectively removes swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, paint transfer, and marring from painted surfaces. It works seamlessly with any Chemical Guys finishing polish, making it a versatile option for addressing light to moderate imperfections without the need for a machine polisher.

With its low-profile foam pad, the White Light Duty Polishing Hand Pad fits perfectly into hard-to-reach places such as door jambs, door handles, and engine bays. The finishing power of the white foam is optimised for restoring clarity to heavier compound marks from prior polishing steps, ensuring a glossy and reflective finish. Whether using V36 or V38 to restore gloss and pure reflection after compounding, this pad allows anyone to achieve professional-quality results by hand, utilising advanced functional surface technology.

Overall, the Chemical Guys hex logic pads offer convenience and effectiveness for those areas where machine polishing is impractical. With its ability to restore shine and wet reflection with Chemical Guys finishing polishes, this pad empowers detailing enthusiasts to achieve exceptional results without the need for specialized equipment.

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