Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Quantum Buffing Pad Green (6.5 Inch)

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Restore your car's shine and remove minor imperfections with the Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Quantum Buffing Pad (6.5 inch) in green. This versatile pad tackles scratches and swirls while leaving a polished, high-gloss finish.

  • Remove swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, and water spots.
  • Perfect for one-step polishes.
  • Most efficient and advanced.
  • Quantum physics design maximizes surface contact.
  • Race face tapered profile for increased pad surface area.
  • Precision port vent hole for heat release and reduced stress.
  • Breathable backing attachment for airflow.
  • Improved adhesives and manufacturing techniques.


The Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Quantum Buffing Pad in green is a versatile solution designed to address a range of imperfections that can mar a car's paintwork. From swirl marks and scratches to oxidation and water spots, this innovative pad offers an all-in-one solution for restoring the vehicle's shine to its former glory. By gently buffing away these blemishes, the pad unveils a deep gloss finish that enhances the overall appearance of the vehicle.

At the heart of the Quantum pad's effectiveness lies its Quantum Physics design, which maximizes surface contact between the pad and the car's paint. This not only allows for more efficient polishing but also disperses heat effectively, reducing the risk of damage to both the chemical guys polishing pads and the paintwork. The result is a smoother, more controlled polishing experience that yields superior results.

For detailers who may apply more pressure during polishing, the hex logic pad features a Race Face tapered profile, increasing stability and minimizing wear and tear. This thoughtful design element ensures that even aggressive polishing techniques can be executed without compromising the integrity of the pad or the paint.

Heat management is further optimized through the Precision Port vent hole located in the centre of the pad, which effectively releases heat and reduces stress. This helps to maintain a cooler working temperature, ensuring consistent performance and minimizing the risk of overheating.

The pad's Hex-Logic surface grooves play a crucial role in ensuring even product distribution across the paint surface. This eliminates the risk of missed spots or uneven polishing, while also allowing the pad to conform to the contours of the car for consistent results, even on complex curves.

Moreover, Chemical Guys has prioritized durability with the Quantum pad, using improved adhesives and manufacturing techniques to ensure a strong bond between the backing attachment and the foam pad. This enhances the pad's longevity and provides peace of mind to users, knowing that it will withstand rigorous detailing sessions without detaching.

The Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Quantum green pad offers a powerful combination of effectiveness, efficiency, and durability. Whether you're a car enthusiast or a professional detailer, this pad provides a reliable solution for restoring your vehicle's shine and eliminating minor imperfections, making it a must-have addition to your detailing arsenal.

Note: One Pad Included.

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