Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Quantum Heavy Cutting Pad Yellow (6.5 Inch)

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Tame even the toughest blemishes with the Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Quantum Heavy Cutting Pad (6.5 inch) in yellow. This aggressive pad tackles deep scratches, swirls, and oxidation to restore a smooth, paint-corrected finish.

  • Removes severe defects.
  • Restores optical clarity.
  • Exclusive Hex-Logic pattern.
  • V-cut channels.
  • Rounded buffing profile.
  • Bevelled edge protection.
  • Breathable backing pad.
  • New adhesives.


The Yellow Hex-Logic pad from Chemical Guys is the ultimate solution for tackling severe scratches, swirls, oxidation, and paint defects on your vehicle's surface. Engineered to fix even the toughest blemishes, these pads offer unparalleled performance and results that exceed expectations.

When it comes to restoring your car's appearance, nothing beats the effectiveness of the Yellow Chemical Guys polishing pads. Designed to address the most stubborn imperfections, these pads deliver professional-grade results from the comfort of your own garage. Whether it's deep scratches, unsightly swirl marks, or dull paint, these pads have got you covered.

With a focus on restoring optical clarity, reflection, and depth to painted finishes, the Chemical Guys hex logic pads go beyond mere surface polishing. They penetrate deep into the paint, rejuvenating its appearance and bringing back its original lustre. Say goodbye to dull, lifeless paint and hello to a showroom-worthy shine that turns heads wherever you go.

At the heart of the yellow Hex-Logic cutting pad effectiveness lies its exclusive Hex-Logic pattern. This innovative design ensures that polish is spread evenly over the surface, resulting in an even cut and superior polishing results. No more uneven patches or missed spots – just a flawless finish that's sure to impress.

But the benefits don't stop there. The pads also feature V-cut channels in the Hex-Logic pattern, which funnel in fresh air to cool both the pad and the work surface. This not only allows for extended work times but also reduces wear and tear, ensuring that your pads last longer and perform better.

Additionally, the rounded buffing profile of the pads helps them slip into dramatic body curves with ease, improving contact and delivering more even polishing results. With a bevelled edge between the hook-and-loop backing and foam pad, you can rest assured that your paint and body panels are protected from damage caused by spinning polisher backing plates.

Furthermore, the breathable hook-and-loop backing pad enhances the cooling of the pad, workpiece, and backing plate, further reducing wear and tear and ensuring consistent performance. And with new adhesives and manufacturing techniques, the chances of pad disintegration over time are greatly reduced, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your detailing equipment.

The Yellow Hex-Logic pads from Chemical Guys are the ultimate choice for anyone looking to achieve professional-quality results at home. With their unmatched effectiveness, innovative design, and durability, these pads are a must-have for any car enthusiast or professional detailer looking to take their detailing game to the next level.

Note: One Pad Included.

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