Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Ultra Soft Finishing Pad Red (5.5 Inch)

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Bring out your car's flawless finish with the Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Ultra Soft Finishing Pad Red! This 5.5-inch pad applies a perfect coat of wax or sealant for a brilliant shine and long-lasting protection. Refine your paint to perfection and achieve a show-car look!

  • Ultra-soft finishing.
  • Perfect coat spread.
  • Exclusive Hex-Logic pattern.
  • V-cut channels.
  • Rounded buffing profile.
  • Bevelled edge protection.
  • Breathable backing pad.


The Red Hex-Logic Ultra-Soft Finishing Pad is your go-to solution for achieving a perfect, show-stopping shine on even the most delicate paint finishes. Crafted with precision and engineered for excellence, this pad is designed to spread the perfect coat of premium glaze, sealant, or wax, ensuring durable protection and an unparalleled level of shine.

This pad's extra-soft composition sets it apart, offering a gentle touch that's specifically tailored for finishing applications. With no extra cut for polishing or paint correction, it's singularly focused on one task: spreading the perfect coat of wax. This specialisation ensures that your delicate paintwork receives the utmost care and attention, without the risk of unintended abrasion or damage.

Central to the pad's performance is its exclusive Hex-Logic pattern, meticulously designed to facilitate an even spread of product with minimal usage. This not only ensures a consistent finish but also maximizes the efficiency of your detailing process, saving you both time and resources.

The innovative V-cut channels integrated into the Hex-Logic pattern serve a dual purpose, funnelling in fresh air to cool both the pad and the work surface. This ingenious feature extends work times and minimizes wear and tear, allowing you to achieve professional-quality results with ease, even during extended detailing sessions.

Furthermore, the hex logic pad’s rounded buffing profile enhances manoeuvrability, enabling it to effortlessly slip into dramatic body curves for improved contact and more uniform product distribution. This ensures that every inch of your vehicle receives the attention it deserves, resulting in a stunningly uniform finish.

In addition to its performance-oriented features, the Red Hex-Logic Ultra-Soft Finishing Pad prioritizes the protection of your vehicle's paint and body panels. A bevelled edge between the hook-and-loop backing and foam pad acts as a safeguard, preventing accidental contact and minimizing the risk of damage during polishing.

Moreover, the breathable hook-and-loop backing pad serves as a cooling mechanism, dissipating heat generated during operation and reducing wear and tear on both the pad and the backing plate. This ensures longevity and reliability, allowing you to tackle detailing projects with confidence, time after time.

With new adhesives and manufacturing techniques at its core, this chemical guys hex logic pad boasts enhanced durability and longevity, reducing the likelihood of pad disintegration over time. Rest assured, your investment in the Red Hex-Logic Ultra-Soft Finishing Pad is one that will continue to deliver exceptional results, project after project.

Note: One Pad Included.

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