Chemical Guys Mr Pink Super Suds Shampoo Superior Surface Cleanser (16OZ)

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Want a gentle yet effective car wash? Look no further than Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds Shampoo Superior Surface Cleanser (16oz). This pH-balanced formula removes dirt and grime while protecting your existing wax or sealant coat. Mr. Pink creates a thick layer of suds for a clean and shiny finish!

  • Superior surface cleanser.
  • Advanced foaming technology.
  • Weekly maintenance.
  • pH-balanced.
  • Versatile application.
  • Residue-free rinsing.
  • Sunlight safe.
  • Grime and dirt removal.


Superior Surface Cleanser by Chemical Guys is the ultimate solution for maintaining a pristine finish on your vehicle. With its advanced foaming technology and superior cleaning capabilities, this cleanser is perfect for your weekly maintenance car washes.

Formulated with a pH-balanced formula, our pink shampoo is safe for use on wax and sealant coats, ensuring that your protective layers remain intact while effectively removing grime, build-up, and dirt.

Whether you prefer a two-bucket wash, foam cannon, or foam gun, our superior surface shampoo is versatile enough to meet your needs. Its advanced foaming technology generates rich suds that cling to your vehicle's surface, effectively lifting away dirt and contaminants for a thorough clean.

One of the key benefits of our Chemical Guys Maxi Suds cleanser is its residue-free rinsing. Unlike some cleaners that leave behind a filmy residue, our formula rinses clean, leaving your vehicle's surface spotless and streak-free. This ensures that your hard work shines through, without any unsightly streaks or spots.

Moreover, this superior cleanser is specially formulated to be sunlight safe. This means that you can wash your car with confidence, even on sunny days, knowing that it won't spot or stain in direct sunlight. So, get rid of the hassle of timing your washes around the weather and enjoy the convenience of washing whenever it's convenient for you.

Whether you're tackling stubborn grime, removing build-up, or simply giving your vehicle a routine wash, our Superior Surface Cleanser is up to the task. Its powerful cleaning agents penetrate deep into the surface, effectively lifting away dirt and contaminants for a thorough clean, every time.

Additionally, with its advanced foaming technology, pH-balanced formula, and residue-free rinsing, it's the ultimate choice for maintaining a showroom-worthy shine on your vehicle.

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