Chemical Guys Rimpaca Reach Around Ultimate Wheel Brush Set (2 Pack Brush Set)

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Spruce up those rims with ease!

The Chemical Guys Rimpaca Reach Around Ultimate Wheel Brush Set (2 Pack Brush Set) tackles hard-to-reach areas on your wheels. Featuring two different sized, ultra-soft brush heads, this set ensures a gentle yet thorough clean without scratching delicate finishes. Deep clean your wheels, rims, and even brake calipers for a showroom-worthy shine.

  • Two sizes available.
  • Supremely fluffy heads.
  • Extra soft.
  • Deep cleans.
  • Holds thick foamy suds.
  • Gets in tight areas.
  • Metal-free design.


Chemical Guy's versatile wheel brush is available in two sizes for maximum adaptability to your cleaning needs. With supremely fluffy heads, this brush gently scrubs away grime while remaining extra soft and safe on all wheel types.

Designed for deep cleaning, these wheel cleaning brushes are perfect for everything from performance brakes to daily drivers. Its soft bristles effectively remove dirt and debris, reaching deep into hard-to-reach areas for a thorough clean.

Our brush wheel cleaner holds tons of thick foamy suds, ensuring ample lubrication for a smooth and scratch-free cleaning process. Whether you're cleaning brake callipers or intricate wheel designs, our brush gets into tight areas with ease, leaving no spot untouched.

With a metal-free design, our wheel cleaning brush minimises the risk of scratching, providing peace of mind while you clean. Plus, a comfortable hand grip keeps the brush from slipping, allowing for precise control and effortless manoeuvrability.

Practice the ultimate in wheel cleaning with our versatile and effective wheel brushes. Whether you're a professional detailer or a car enthusiast, our best wheel cleaning brush delivers exceptional results, leaving your wheels looking pristine and showroom-ready.

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