Chemical Guys Workhorse Premium Grade Microfiber Applicator (Rubber/Plastic/Vinyl), Black (2 Pack)

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Double the love for your trim

This 2-pack lets you tackle all your car's plastic, rubber, and vinyl needs. The plush microfiber ensures even application of protectants, leaving behind a nourished, like-new look.

  • Top-tier applicator pad.
  • Perfect for exterior detailing.
  • Ensures even product distribution.
  • Compatible with a range of products.
  • Boasts ultra-plush microfiber.
  • Features a sturdy foam core.


Chemical Guy's premium soft scratch-less applicator pad is designed to enhance the look of exterior vinyl, rubber, and plastic components effortlessly and precisely. Crafted from top-quality materials, this pad ensures gentle handling while delivering excellent coverage, ensuring professional-grade results each time. Whether you're treating trim pieces, revitalising rubber seals, or conditioning plastic surfaces, this pad is your trusted companion for achieving flawless outcomes.

Discover the ease of applying the perfect thin, even layer of dressing and conditioner with our premium applicator pad. Its ergonomic design and ultra-soft microfiber construction enable smooth and uniform product application, guaranteeing thorough coverage and maximum protection for your exterior surfaces. Bid farewell to uneven results and welcome long-lasting shine and protection with our versatile applicator pad.

Versatility is at the core of our applicator pad, compatible with various products such as water-based and oil-based dressings and tire shines. Whether you're enhancing tyre lustre or shielding exterior trim from UV damage, our pad delivers exceptional results with minimal effort. Enjoy the convenience of a single tool for all your exterior detailing tasks, saving you both time and energy.

Crafted with ultra-soft 70/30 microfiber, our microfiber applicator ensures a scratch-free application, safeguarding delicate exterior surfaces from harm. Say goodbye to concerns about scratches or swirl marks – our pad guarantees a safe and dependable application process every time. Whether you're dealing with textured plastic surfaces or smooth vinyl trim, our applicator pad is the ultimate choice for achieving professional results without risk.

The sturdy plush foam core of our microfiber applicators offers excellent grip and ease of handling, ensuring comfort during extended use. Its compact size provides precise control, facilitating effortless application and optimal results with minimal effort. Say farewell to hand fatigue and embrace a comfortable detailing experience with our premium applicator pad.

Upgrade your exterior detailing game and achieve professional-grade results with our premium soft scratch-less Chemical Guys applicator. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an enthusiast, you'll appreciate the convenience, versatility, and reliability of our top-tier chemical guys microfiber applicator.

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