Feynlab Ceramic v2 30ML

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Feynlab's Ceramic v2 provides superior protection and a long-lasting shine for your car's paintwork. This 30ML bottle offers a convenient size for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

  • Thick, durable coating.
  • Economical high-solids formula.
  • Straightforward application.
  • Forgiving dwell times.
  • Impressive properties.
  • True Nanotechnology.
  • Professional use only.


FEYNLAB CERAMIC is a premium-grade Nano coating designed for professional use, boasting a thick and durable formulation that provides exceptional protection and longevity. With its high-solids composition, this coating offers excellent value for money without compromising on performance. Certified installers can offer CERAMIC at competitive market prices while matching or surpassing the durability and performance of other brands.

One of the standout features of Feynlab ceramic coating is its straightforward application process. Despite its high-solids nature, this coating is remarkably easy to apply, making it a preferred choice among professionals. Its forgiving nature allows for dwell times of up to 25 minutes, providing flexibility and ensuring optimal results regardless of temperature and humidity variations.

Ceramic coating high spots boast impressive properties, including excellent heat resistance, brilliant gloss, and industry-leading UV and chemical resistance. These qualities make it ideal for protecting vehicle surfaces against a wide range of environmental hazards, ensuring that your paintwork remains in pristine condition for years to come.

FEYNLAB's true Nanotechnology and bonding chemistry set ceramic aluminium coating apart from other coatings on the market. Its advanced formula penetrates deeper into the existing paint structure, providing unparalleled levels of protection and durability. This ensures that your vehicle receives maximum protection against scratches, swirl marks, and other forms of damage.

It's important to note that ceramic aluminium coating is exclusively for professional use by FEYNLAB Approved and Accredited installers. Attempting to apply this product without proper training can result in subpar results and potential damage to the vehicle's surface. Additionally, ceramic coating comes with a three-year warranty period, providing peace of mind to both installers and vehicle owners.

When applying wheel ceramic coating, it's essential to adhere to the approved surfaces outlined by FEYNLAB. These include clear-coated painted surfaces, black textured plastics, headlights, tail-lights, black piano trim, and clear-coated painted wheel rims and calipers. Adhering to these guidelines ensures optimal performance and compatibility with the coating.

FEYNLAB ceramic coat for wheels sets the standard for professional-grade Nanocoatings, offering unmatched durability, performance, and protection for vehicle surfaces. With its easy application process, impressive properties, and industry-leading technology, CERAMIC is the go-to choice for discerning detailers and vehicle enthusiasts alike.

Shelf Life: Unopened – 1 year. Opened – Use within 1-2 months. ALWAYS keep the cap on the bottle when not in use.

Included: 30ml (1oz) FEYNLAB CERAMIC (enough for 1 mid-sized vehicle)

Version 2 updates: CERAMIC V2 brings the hydrophobics, gloss, and ease of installation in line with the crowd favourite, CERAMIC LITE, all while maintaining and improving upon its already stellar chemical, UV and heat resistance, film thickness, extreme durability, and depth of colour

Due to the increased hydrophobics and slickness, Top Coat may not be required with CERAMIC V2 installations, depending on the customers’ preferences

The changes to packaging include the addition of “Version 2” to both the bottle and box labels.

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