Feynlab Detailer V3 500ML

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Feynlab's Detailer V3 is a versatile product that cleans, protects, and shines. This large 500ml bottle is perfect for detailers who frequently clean multiple cars. It removes light contaminants, adds a glossy finish, and protects your paintwork for extended durability.

  • Durable spray sealant.
  • Doubles as a quick detailer.
  • Stand-alone protection or top coat.
  • Excellent spot cleaner.
  • Safe for all exterior surfaces.
  • Water-based and silicone-free.


Feynlab’s durable spray sealant is a versatile product that offers both long-lasting protection and the convenience of a quick detailer. Whether used on its own for standalone protection or as a top coat for ceramic-coated vehicles, this spray sealant delivers exceptional results that meet the needs of both professional detailers and car enthusiasts.

Experience the flexibility of our detailer spray, which doubles as a traditional quick detailing product. Its innovative formula allows for easy application and removal, making it an excellent choice for spot cleaning or drying aid after washing vehicle surfaces. Say goodbye to water spots and hello to a sleek, glossy finish that enhances the appearance of your vehicle.

Safety is paramount, which is why our detailing spray is formulated to be safe for all vehicle exterior surfaces, including paint, plastic, vinyl, and rubber. Whether you're treating your vehicle's paintwork or rejuvenating exterior trim, you can trust our spray sealant to deliver optimal results without causing any damage or discoloration.

Completely water-based and silicone-free, our spray sealant is body shop safe and environmentally friendly. You can use it with confidence, knowing that it won't interfere with any ongoing automotive work or leave behind any harmful residues. Its water-based formula also makes it easy to clean up and removes any concerns about staining or buildup.

Our ceramic detailer spray is the perfect final step product to protect all coatings from water spotting during curing. Whether you've applied a ceramic coating or another type of protective sealant, our spray sealant provides an additional layer of defence against water spots, ensuring that your vehicle's finish remains flawless during the curing process.

Our durable car detailing spray offers the best of both worlds – long-lasting protection and quick detailing convenience. With its versatility, safety, and effectiveness, this ceramic spray detailer is the ideal choice for maintaining the beauty and integrity of your vehicle's exterior surfaces.

Durability & Application Surfaces:

Durability – 3 months.

Clear-coated painted surfaces (see warranty terms and conditions for approved manufacturers & vehicle types

  • Black textured plastics.
  • Headlights & tail-lights.
  • Black piano trim.
  • Clear-coated painted wheel rims & calipers.

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