Feynlab Pure Rinseless 1L

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Feynlab Pure Rinseless 1L is a concentrated car wash solution designed for both traditional and water-saving washing methods. It offers a deep clean that's safe for coated and uncoated vehicles, leaving a spotless finish. This eco-friendly formula is perfect for washing your car in a garage or other water-restricted environment.

  • Superior lubricity.
  • Smart surfactant.
  • Deep cleaning.
  • Safe for all surfaces.
  • Perfect for maintenance washing.
  • Intelligent cleaning technology.
  • Waterless or rinseless.


Experience superior lubricity and deep cleaning with our innovative waterless or rinseless wash solution, enhanced with smart surfactant and encapsulation technology. This advanced formula offers a truly deep cleaning experience, making it ideal for maintaining the exterior surfaces of your vehicle without the need for water.

Our Feynlab pure rinseless v2 boasts impressive exterior surface cleaning capabilities, thanks to its intelligent cleaning technology. It effectively removes dirt, grime, and contaminants from all vehicle exterior surfaces, leaving them looking clean and refreshed. Whether you're cleaning paint, plastic, rubber, carbon fibre, or even carbon ceramic brakes, our solution is safe and effective for all surfaces.

Perfect for regular vehicle maintenance washing, our Feynlab pure rinseless helps refresh the optimal sheeting and self-cleaning (hydrophobic) properties of all ceramic-coated surfaces. By using our solution regularly, you can maintain the hydrophobic properties of your coated surfaces, ensuring they continue to repel water and dirt effectively.

Our intelligent cleaning technology ensures that no fillers, junk chemicals, builders, or caustic residue are left behind after using our pure car wash. This means you can trust our product to clean your vehicle thoroughly without leaving any undesirable residues that could affect its appearance or performance.

Whether used as a waterless or rinseless wash, our no rinse car shampoo rinses completely clean, revealing the true surface condition of your vehicle. Our solution leaves your vehicle looking clean, glossy, and rejuvenated, ready to take on the road with confidence.

In addition, our rinseless car wash solution is perfect for resetting the hydrophobic properties of coated vehicles. By using our solution regularly, you can ensure that your coated surfaces maintain their water-repellent properties, keeping your vehicle looking its best in any weather conditions.

Our Feynlab pure wash offers superior cleaning power, safety for all surfaces, and intelligent technology that ensures a truly deep cleaning experience. Whether used for regular maintenance washing or to refresh the hydrophobic properties of coated vehicles, our solution delivers exceptional results every time.

Included: 1L Bottle of Concentrate.

Dilution Ratio: Mix PURE RINSELESS to a 1:250 dilution. 1 part PURE RINSELESS to 250 parts water.

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