Feynlab Wheel And Calliper Ceramic 30ML

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Tired of battling brake dust and grime on your wheels? Feynlab Wheel And Caliper Ceramic (30ML) is your solution. This powerful ceramic coating forms a super thick, durable barrier that shields wheels and callipers from high temperatures, road contaminants, and even brake dust buildup. Now you can enjoy a clean, glossy finish that makes future washes a breeze.

  • High solids content (70%).
  • Superior protection.
  • True Nano technology.
  • Unparalleled bonding chemistry.


FEYNLAB CERAMIC – WHEEL & CALIPER boasts an exceptionally high solids content of 70%, ensuring that it provides robust protection against the harsh elements encountered on the road, including road contamination and brake dust. With this high solids content, the ceramic coating rims form a durable barrier that shields your wheels and callipers from damage, keeping them looking their best even in challenging conditions.

Thanks to FEYNLAB’s true Nano technology and bonding chemistry, this wheel calliper offers unparalleled protection that penetrates deeply into the existing paint structure. Unlike other coatings on the market, which may sit on the surface, wheel ceramic coating bonds at a molecular level, providing long-lasting protection from environmental hazards. This advanced technology ensures that your wheels and callipers receive the highest level of defence against wear and tear.

In addition to its superior protection, FEYNLAB ceramic wheel offers a range of other benefits. It enhances the appearance of your wheels and callipers, providing a glossy finish that lasts. The coating is also resistant to water spotting and staining, making it easier to maintain your vehicle's appearance. Plus, it can withstand high temperatures, ensuring that it remains effective even under extreme conditions.

Furthermore, the coating is easy to apply, allowing for hassle-free installation by professionals or experienced DIY enthusiasts. Once applied, it provides long-lasting protection, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and ensuring that your wheels and callipers stay looking their best for longer. With FEYNLAB ceramic wheel coating, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle's most exposed components are protected by the latest in Nano coating technology.

Durability & Application Surfaces:

Durability: 1 Year.

Application includes 1 component layer, reaching an overall film build between 1-2 microns.

APPROVED SURFACES FOR APPLICATION ONLY: – DO NOT apply to unapproved surfaces.

  • Wheels & callipers.
  • Chrome surfaces.

Shelf Life: Unopened – 1 year. Opened – Use within 7 days.

Included: 30ml (1oz) FEYNLAB® CERAMIC – WHEEL & CALIPER

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