Infinity Wax Diamond Vision Glass Sealant 250ML

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Rain be gone! Infinity Wax - Diamond Vision Glass Sealant 250ML is a water-repellent coating that enhances driving visibility for months on end. This easy-to-use formula creates a slick, hydrophobic barrier that makes rain bead up and roll off for improved clarity, even in nighttime conditions.

  • Instant bond.
  • Lasting protection.
  • No glare or residue.


Experience the difference with Diamond Vision, a glass sealant that sets itself apart with its high ceramic content and instant bond for fast and easy application. This powerful infinity glass sealant offers lasting protection, providing up to 6 months of coverage on rear and side windows and approximately 2 months on the windscreen.

One of the standout features of Diamond window sealant is its instant bond, which ensures quick and effortless application. With its high ceramic content, this sealant forms a strong bond with the glass surface, providing reliable protection against environmental elements and everyday wear and tear.

Despite its powerful performance, window glass sealant leaves no glare or residue behind, ensuring a crystal-clear finish that enhances visibility and clarity. Unlike some glass sealants that can cause glare or streaking, Diamond Vision delivers flawless results, leaving your windows looking clean and streak-free.

It's important to note that car window sealant should be applied one window at a time to ensure optimal coverage and performance. Additionally, it's essential to avoid contact with rubber and plastic trims to prevent any potential damage or discoloration.

Diamond Vision glass sealant offers instant bond for fast and easy application, lasting protection for up to 6 months on rear and side windows, and approximately 2 months on the windscreen. With its high ceramic content and glare-free formula, it's the perfect choice for maintaining the clarity and visibility of your vehicle's glass surfaces.

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