Infinity Wax Insect Strip 500ML

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Make bug removal a breeze with Infinity Wax Insect Strip 500ML. This powerful formula dissolves stubborn insect splats and road grime on contact. Simply spray, wait, and rinse for safe and effortless decontamination, leaving your paintwork spotless and protected.

  • Rapid action.
  • Acid-free.
  • Safer wash process.


Infinity Wax Insect Strip is the ultimate solution for rapidly removing insect deposits from your vehicle. This powerful formula acts fast, making quick work of stubborn insect remains without the need for scrubbing or harsh chemicals.

When applied neat, Insect Strip works rapidly to dissolve insect deposits on contact, saving you time and effort during the cleaning process. Its unique alcohol-derived detergent effectively breaks down insect remains without damaging wax or ceramic protection, ensuring that your vehicle's exterior stays protected while achieving a thorough clean.

One of the key benefits of Insect Strip is its acid-free formula, which makes it safe to use on a variety of surfaces without causing damage. Whether you're cleaning paint, glass, or plastic trim, you can trust that Insect Strip will effectively remove insect deposits without harming your vehicle's finish.

In addition to its rapid action and acid-free formula, Insect Strip allows you to complete an overall safer wash process. By eliminating the need for scrubbing, this powerful cleaner minimizes the risk of scratching or marring your vehicle's paintwork, ensuring that your car stays looking its best.

The recommended dilution ratio of 10:1 provides optimal cleaning power while minimising product usage, making Insect Strip a cost-effective solution for your insect removal needs. Whether you're dealing with a few scattered bugs or a heavy infestation, Insect Strip is up to the task, delivering exceptional results every time.

Insect Strip offers rapid action, acid-free cleaning, and a safer wash process, making it the perfect choice for removing insect deposits from your vehicle. With its powerful formula and versatile application, Insect Strip ensures that your car stays clean and well-maintained, no matter what the road throws at it.

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