Infinity Wax Liquid Fire 500ML

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Dislodge stubborn iron deposits and achieve a sparkling clean with Infinity Wax Liquid Fire 500ML. This pH-neutral formula safely dissolves embedded iron particles from paintwork and wheels, transforming them into a deep red/purple for easy identification. Its powerful cleaning action removes brake dust and ingrained dirt, leaving all surfaces spotless without harming your vehicle's finish.

  • pH neutral.
  • Safe for sensitive metals.
  • Deep red indication.


Liquid Fire is your go-to solution for removing iron fallout from your vehicle's surfaces. As a pH neutral iron fallout remover, it is safe to use on sensitive metals such as unpainted chrome and alloy, ensuring that your vehicle's delicate surfaces remain unharmed during the cleaning process.

This powerful formula reacts on contact with iron particles, which are commonly generated from brake rotors and environmental contamination. When the reaction occurs, you'll notice a distinctive deep red indication as the product changes colour, signalling its effectiveness in targeting and removing iron fallout.

Liquid Fire is ideal for cleaning both bodywork and wheels, particularly after brake calliper seizure. Its pH neutral formula allows it to effectively remove ingrained dirt, industrial fallout, and brake dust from both painted and unpainted surfaces without causing damage. Whether you're dealing with stubborn brake dust buildup or environmental contaminants, Liquid Fire gets the job done safely and effectively.

One of the standout features of fallout remover is its ability to remove iron fallout without compromising the integrity of sensitive metals. Whether you're cleaning chrome accents or alloy wheels, you can trust that Liquid Fire will deliver professional-quality results without causing damage or discoloration.

For optimal results, Liquid Fire is recommended for use neat, ensuring maximum effectiveness in tackling tough iron fallout and brake dust. Its concentrated formula allows for targeted application, minimizing waste and maximizing cleaning power.

Infinity Wax liquid fire offers a pH neutral solution for removing iron fallout from your vehicle's surfaces. With its safe and effective formula, deep red indication, and suitability for use on sensitive metals, it's the ideal choice for maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of your vehicle's exterior.

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