Infinity Wax Powerfoam Snowfoam 500ML

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Tackle pre-washing like a pro with Infinity Wax Powerfoam Snowfoam 500ML. This highly concentrated formula creates a thick, clinging foam that loosens and lifts dirt, grime, and road film safely. Safe on paintwork, waxes, and coatings, Powerfoam Snowfoam makes your regular car wash more effective and minimizes the risk of scratching during washing.

  • Intensively developed.
  • High cleaning power.
  • Dilution up to 50:1.
  • Safe for waxes and coatings.
  • Safe on all wheel finishes.
  • Won't damage brightwork.


Infinity Wax Powerfoam snow foam that delivers real cleaning power. Developed intensively in the first half of 2020, Powerfoam is designed to compete directly with other popular snow foams in the high cleaning power category, providing exceptional results for even the toughest cleaning tasks.

One of the standout features of power foam is its high cleaning power. While many snow foams lose effectiveness past a 25:1 dilution ratio, ceramic snow foam can be diluted up to an impressive 50:1 and still deliver excellent cleaning results. This allows you to stretch your product further without compromising on performance, making Power foam a cost-effective solution for your cleaning needs.

Despite its powerful cleaning action, Power foam is gentle on surfaces and will not strip waxes or coatings. Whether you're cleaning your car's paintwork, wheels, or trim, you can trust that Power Foam will leave behind a clean, glossy finish without compromising the protection provided by your existing wax or coating.

This snowfoam is also safe on all wheel finishes, ensuring that your wheels stay looking their best without any risk of damage. Whether you have painted, powder-coated, or chrome wheels, you can trust that foam will effectively remove dirt and grime without causing any harm.

In addition, the power waxer is safe for use on vehicle brightwork, including chrome trim and accents. You can use Power foam with confidence, knowing that it will effectively clean these surfaces without causing any damage or discoloration.

Powerfoam is the snow foam that delivers real cleaning power without compromising on safety or performance. With its high cleaning power, dilution up to 50:1, safety on waxes and coatings, compatibility with all wheel finishes, and gentle action on brightwork, this product is the ultimate choice for achieving a clean and glossy finish on your vehicle.

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