Infinity Wax QDX Ceramic Detailer 500ML

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Boost your car's shine and protection with minimal effort! Infinity Wax QDX Ceramic Detailer 500ML is a quick and easy spray-on, wipe-off formula that delivers ceramic-like results. This versatile product enhances gloss, adds slickness, and repels water for extended protection, all while being gentle on your existing wax or ceramic coating.

  • Easy to use.
  • Water-borne ceramic.
  • Extended durability.
  • Gloss enhancer.
  • Last stage protection.


QDX is the ultimate solution for easy and effective protection for your vehicle. This innovative product blends the exceptional performance of our rapid detailer with the added benefits of a water-borne ceramic, resulting in a formula that must be used to be appreciated.

If you've used our rapid detailer before, you'll know just how well it performs. QDX takes that same base formula and elevates it to new heights by incorporating a water-borne ceramic. The result? An unparalleled ease of use that is unlike anything else on the market. Simply apply QDX to your vehicle's surfaces and experience effortless application and stunning results.

One of the key benefits of ceramic detailer is its extended durability, with protection lasting up to 6 months or more. This makes QDX suitable as a sealant, providing long-lasting protection that rivals traditional waxing methods. With QDX, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is protected against the elements for an extended period, without the need for frequent reapplication.

In addition to its impressive durability, ceramic detail spray also features a gloss enhancer, enhancing the shine and depth of your vehicle's paintwork. This added gloss brings out the natural beauty of your vehicle, leaving it looking sleek and polished with every application.

Many users find that QDX is not only a sealant but also a perfectly good alternative to waxing altogether. With its easy application and long-lasting protection, QDX has become the preferred choice for many enthusiasts who seek a hassle-free solution for their last stage protection needs.

QDX is the ultimate solution for easy and effective vehicle protection. With its water-borne ceramic formula, extended durability, gloss enhancer, and ease of use, QDX offers unmatched performance and convenience for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Experience the difference with QDX and enjoy long-lasting protection and stunning results with every application.

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