Infinity Wax Rapid Detailer (Blue) 500ML

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Want a quick and easy way to restore shine and protection to your car? Infinity Wax Rapid Detailer (Blue) 500ML is your solution. This versatile spray-on, wipe-off formula removes light dust, fingerprints, and road film, leaving behind a brilliant gloss and a hydrophobic layer that repels water for weeks. Safe for all paintwork finishes, it's the perfect product for a touch-up between washes.

  • Multi award winning.
  • Suitable for matte and wrapped vehicles.
  • Gloss enhancement and protection.
  • Can be used as a drying aid.


Enjoy the convenience and performance of our effective and efficient rapid detailer as it’s the ultimate quick detail spray that requires no buffing or removal. With a simple spray and wipe application, you can achieve professional-level gloss enhancement and protection for any finished painted surface in no time.

This quick detailer isn't just for traditional painted surfaces – it's also suitable for matte and wrapped vehicles, making it a versatile solution for all your detailing needs. Whether you're working on glossy paintwork, matte finishes, or vinyl wraps, Rapid Detailer delivers stunning results without compromising the integrity of the surface.

Not only does best quick detailer enhance the gloss of your vehicle's surfaces, but it also provides a layer of protection to help repel water, dust, and detergents. With its water and dust repellent properties, your vehicle stays cleaner for longer, maintaining that freshly waxed look for up to 8 weeks.

In addition to its use on painted surfaces, rapid painting is highly effective on glass, providing a fast streak-free finish that adds an extra layer of protection. Say goodbye to water spots and streaks, and hello to crystal-clear windows that enhance the overall appearance of your vehicle.

One of the standout features of quick detailer spray is its versatility – not only can it be used as a quick detail spray, but it can also serve as a drying aid. After washing your vehicle, simply spray Rapid Detailer onto each panel and dry using a quality microfiber towel. This not only helps to achieve a streak-free finish but also adds an additional layer of protection to your vehicle's surfaces.

Hence, Rapid Detailer gives you the effect of a freshly waxed car with almost zero effort. With its multi award winning formula, suitability for matte and wrapped vehicles, gloss enhancement and protection properties, and ability to be used as a drying aid, it's the ultimate solution for maintaining the appearance of your vehicle with ease.

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