KKD BLIZZARD Snow Foam pH Neutral 1 Litre Tutti Frutti

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Give your car a gentle yet powerful clean with Krystal Kleen Detail's BLIZZARD Snow Foam pH Neutral 1 Litre, Tutti Frutti! This high-concentrated formula packs a punch, removing dirt and grime without harming your paintwork. It boasts a neutral pH level, making it safe for all exterior surfaces, and its amazing Tutti Frutti fragrance leaves your car smelling fresh and inviting.

  • Premium pH neutral snow foam.
  • High-powered and highly concentrated formula.
  • Safe for all exterior surfaces.
  • Developed specifically for superior performance.
  • Excellent economy with high dilution rates.
  • Provides high foam with just 50ml of product on medium to large vehicles.


BLIZZARD pH Neutral Snow Foam sets a new standard in foam washing, offering the powerful cleaning capabilities of alkaline cleaners while maintaining a neutral pH. Developed after extensive testing of various brands, Krystal Kleen detail citrus magic delivers exceptional performance and safety on all exterior surfaces.

One of the key advantages of Snow Foam Pro Kleen is its excellent economy. With high dilution rates, only 50ml of product is needed to produce high foam on medium to large vehicles. This means that a 1-liter bottle of BLIZZARD can provide approximately 20 washes, offering outstanding value for money.

Despite being pH neutral, pH neutral snow foam maintains excellent cleaning power, reducing the need for extensive contact with vehicle paintwork and minimising the risk of paint marring. This makes it ideal for safely removing dirt, grime, and contaminants without causing damage to the vehicle's finish.

While KKD citrus magic is recommended for use through a foam lance for maximum foam coverage, it can also be used as an effective pre-wash solution through a pump sprayer, even without the foaming effect. This versatility makes BLIZZARD suitable for a wide range of detailing applications, providing professional-grade cleaning results with ease.

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