KKD Cherry Wash Maintenance Shampoo 500ML

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KKD Cherry Wash Maintenance Shampoo 500ML is a high-performing car wash that prioritises gentle cleaning for frequent washes.

  • High-performing car shampoo.
  • No gloss enhancers or modifiers.
  • Dilutes up to 250:1 for extreme economy.
  • Contains anti-mar properties.
  • Ideal for maintenance details.
  • pH neutral formula suitable for everyday use.


KKD’s high-performing car shampoo is formulated without any gloss enhancers or modifiers. This unique blend is designed to provide exceptional cleaning power without leaving behind any unwanted residue or altering the vehicle's finish.

With its ultra-concentrated formula, this cherry shampoo offers remarkable economy in use. It can be diluted up to 250:1, making it highly cost-effective for professional detailers and enthusiasts alike. Despite its high dilution ratio, it maintains its effectiveness in lifting dirt and grime, ensuring thorough cleaning with minimal product usage.

One of the standout features of this pH neutral car wash shampoo is its anti-mar properties, which make it perfect for maintenance details. Whether you're performing routine cleaning or addressing specific areas, its ability to prevent marring ensures a flawless finish every time.

Furthermore, its pH neutral formulation makes it safe for use on all vehicle surfaces, including paint, glass, and trim. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for everyday cleaning tasks, providing gentle yet effective cleaning action without compromising the integrity of the vehicle's finish.

Experience the convenience and performance of our pH neutral shampoo, designed to meet the needs of professional detailers and car care enthusiasts seeking outstanding results with every wash.

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