KKD Citrus Magic v2 Pre Wash 500ML

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KKD Citrus Magic v2 Pre Wash 500ML is a versatile pre-wash solution that tackles grime before your main wash even begins.

  • New and improved Citrus Magic from KKD.
  • Enhanced economy and performance.
  • Retains foaming agents for longer dwell time.
  • Includes bactericidal agents to target mould and algae.
  • Versatile use for various cleaning tasks.


The new and improved Citrus Magic from KKD is building upon the success of the original formula, as we've made significant enhancements to further elevate its performance and economy. Our goal was to maintain the efficacy that made it a best-selling product while incorporating friendlier and stronger ingredients.

One of the key improvements is increased economy, achieved by replacing certain components with more efficient alternatives. This ensures that you get more cleaning power out of every drop, making KKD citrus magic even more cost-effective for both trade and home users. Additionally, we've retained the foaming agents that provide a longer dwell time when applied with a foam lance, allowing for more effective cleaning action.

Furthermore, Citrus Magic now features bactericidal agents that specifically target mould and algae, particularly common on soft top convertibles. This added benefit helps prevent regrowth and ensures a cleaner, healthier surface.

As a true all-rounder, Krystal Kleen Detail Citrus Magic can be used for various cleaning tasks:

Prewash: Apply through a hand sprayer or pressure pump to loosen dirt and grime before washing.

All Purpose Cleaner: Safely clean interior fabric and plastics, leaving them fresh and rejuvenated.

Soft Top Roof Cleaner: This citrus wash effectively removes dirt and mould from convertible soft tops while preventing regrowth.

Bug and Fly Splatter Remover: Quickly and efficiently removes stubborn insect residue for a pristine finish.

Experience the enhanced cleaning power and versatility of the new best citrus pre wash from KKD, your trusted solution for a wide range of automotive cleaning needs.

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