KKD FeRRUM Fallout Remover 1L

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Dissolve Iron Deposits: Safely removes iron contaminants like brake dust for a cleaner, smoother car surface. Turns red upon contact for easy identification, leaving your paintwork looking fresh.

  • FeRRUM: Iron Fallout Remover.
  • Physically bonds with sintered iron particles.
  • Releases iron particles for easy removal.
  • Safe for all exterior vehicle surfaces.
  • Degreasing agents for oily soils.
  • Ammonium-free formulation.


The FeRRUM, the iron fallout remover is engineered to tackle stubborn iron particles with ease. This iron remover advanced formula works by physically bonding with sintered iron particles, effectively releasing them from the affected surface. This unique process results in the characteristic "bleeding" effect, indicating the removal of iron contaminants.

This fallout remover is designed to be safe for use on all exterior vehicle surfaces, ensuring thorough cleaning without causing damage. For regular maintenance or vehicles with minimal fallout contamination, FeRRUM iron and fallout remover can be diluted with water, offering versatility in application.

In addition to its iron removal capabilities, this best fallout remover contains a blend of degreasing agents. This enables it to effectively dissolve oily soils, further enhancing its cleaning power for a comprehensive detailing experience.

It's important to note that FeRRUM iron fallout remover, at higher concentrations, has the potential to strip some LSPs (Last Step Products). However, its formulation is ammonium-free, providing peace of mind regarding its impact on vehicle surfaces.

For a safe and efficient solution to iron contamination, trust FeRRUM iron fallout to deliver exceptional results while maintaining the integrity of your vehicle's surfaces.

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