KKD R-EVOLVE Wheel Ceramic Coating 30ML

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Shield Your Wheels

This specialized KKD - R-EVOLVE Wheel Ceramic Coating 30ML forms a tough barrier that protects wheels from scratches, brake dust, and high temperatures.

  • Specialized coating.
  • Silicon ceramic base.
  • Permanent bond formation.
  • Silicon/nitrogen hybrid.
  • Excellent scratch resistance.
  • Low coefficient of drag.
  • Strong hydrophobic behaviour.
  • Exceptional heat resistance.
  • Extreme chemical resistance.


R-EVOLVE represents a cutting-edge advancement in surface protection, harnessing the power of specialized ceramic polymer technology. At its core, this coating is formulated with individual silicon ceramic base molecules, setting it apart from conventional protective treatments. As the carrier solvent evaporates upon application and the deposited film encounters moisture, a remarkable transformation occurs. The temporary bond to the surface undergoes a metamorphosis into a permanent, covalent bond. Concurrently, the individual base molecules interlink to create a robust cross-linked network.

The resulting chemical composition of the fully cured alloy wheel ceramic coating is a silicon/nitrogen hybrid, exhibiting striking similarities to silicon nitride ceramic - a material esteemed for its aerospace applications, including the construction of rocket engine nozzles. This hybrid composition imbues R-EVOLVE wheel coating with an array of exceptional attributes, making it a formidable defender of surfaces in various environments.

One of the standout features of the R-EVOLVE ceramic wheel is its remarkable scratch resistance. Thanks to its extreme hardness, it offers unparalleled protection against abrasions, ensuring that surfaces remain pristine even in harsh conditions. Additionally, its low coefficient of drag presents a distinct advantage, as abrasive particles are less likely to catch and cause marring, sliding effortlessly over the film instead.

Moreover, R-EVOLVE ceramic wheel coating boasts robust hydrophobic behaviour, repelling water and inhibiting the bonding of contamination and soiling. This not only preserves the aesthetic appeal of treated surfaces but also simplifies maintenance, as dirt and grime are less likely to adhere.

The wheel ceramic coating's exceptional resistance to heat is another notable feature. In practical terms, exposure to elevated temperatures serves to fortify the cross-linked network, enhancing its durability and longevity. Furthermore, R-EVOLVE exhibits extreme chemical resistance, surpassing that of the underlying surface. This ensures that the coating maintains its integrity even when subjected to harsh chemical agents or environmental pollutants.

KKD Revolve represents a pinnacle in surface protection technology, offering unparalleled scratch resistance, hydrophobicity, heat resistance, and chemical resilience. Its specialised formulation, characterised by a silicon ceramic base and a silicon/nitrogen hybrid composition, sets it apart as a formidable guardian of surfaces in diverse applications. Whether applied to automotive finishes, industrial equipment, or aerospace components, R-EVOLVE stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in surface protection.

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