Liquid Elements SILVERBACK XL Drying Towel 1200gsm (50x80 cm)

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Luxurious Drying Experience

The SILVERBACK XL Drying Towel pampers your car with a plush, high-absorbent microfiber weave (1200gsm). It effortlessly absorbs water, leaving a spotless and streak-free finish.

  • Plush chenille fibers.
  • High water absorbency.
  • Plush microfiber weave.
  • Edgeless microfiber borders.
  • Streak-free finish.
  • Luxurious drying experience.


The Liquid Elements Silverback XL drying towel isn't just a towel; it's a statement in luxury and meticulous car care. Crafted with the finest plush chenille fibers, this towel offers a level of softness and absorbency that is unmatched in the detailing world. The plush chenille fibers are designed to delicately caress the surface of your vehicle while efficiently soaking up water, ensuring a streak-free and flawless drying experience.

What sets this towel XL apart is its high water absorbency, thanks to the plush microfiber weave. This unique weave structure maximizes the towel's surface area, allowing it to quickly and effectively absorb large amounts of water with each pass. Whether you're drying off a compact car or a larger vehicle, the Silverback XL gets the job done effortlessly, leaving behind a perfectly dry surface.

The seamless microfiber edge is another standout feature of the Silverback XL. Unlike towels with stitched edges that may cause scratches or swirl marks, the edgeless design of the Silverback XL ensures gentle and safe treatment of paintwork finishes. This means you can use the towel with confidence, even on previously corrected cars where gentle care is paramount.

With its edgeless microfiber borders, the Silverback XL delivers a streak-free finish, leaving your vehicle looking immaculate from every angle. The absence of borders also eliminates the risk of lint or loose fibers marring the surface, ensuring a pristine result every time.

But the Silverback XL isn't just about functionality; it's also about indulgence. Drying your vehicle with this towel is a luxurious experience, thanks to its ultra-soft texture and premium construction. Each time you use the Silverback XL, you'll be treated to the sensation of plush chenille fibers gliding effortlessly over your vehicle's surface, leaving behind nothing but a radiant shine.

The Liquid Elements Silverback XL drying towel is more than just a tool for drying your car; it's a testament to the pursuit of perfection in car care. Whether you're a professional detailer or a passionate car enthusiast, the Silverback XL is sure to elevate your detailing routine to new heights of luxury and precision.

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