Meguiars Carpet & Interior Cleaner 473ML

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From coffee spills to dirt, say goodbye to interior eyesores. This powerful cleaner removes stains without harming surfaces, keeping your car looking its best.

  • Removes oil and water-based stains effectively.
  • No need for vacuuming after application.
  • Leaves no sticky residue behind.
  • Versatile application on carpets, vinyl, upholstery, mats, and seat belt straps.
  • Safe for use on skin, and all car surfaces, and environmentally friendly.


Meguiar’s Carpet and Interior Cleaner stands as a beacon of reliability and effectiveness in the realm of automotive detailing, offering a comprehensive solution for the removal of stubborn stains and contaminants from carpets and upholstery. Crafted with precision and engineered with advanced technology, this versatile cleaner represents the epitome of convenience and performance, ensuring that even the toughest of stains don't have to become a permanent eyesore on your vehicle's interior.

At the forefront of carpet interior cleaner Meguiars arsenal is its remarkable ability to tackle both oil and water-based stains with unparalleled effectiveness. Whether it's the remnants of a spilled cup of coffee, the stubborn traces of lipstick, or the unsightly blotches of oil that mar the surface, this dynamic formula lifts away contaminants with ease, leaving behind a spotless, rejuvenated interior that looks as good as new.

But what truly sets Meguiar's carpet and interior cleaner apart is its user-friendly application process. Unlike ordinary household cleaners that may require extensive scrubbing or rinsing, this innovative formula simplifies the cleaning experience to just a spray and wipe action, eliminating the need for laborious vacuuming after application. With just a few effortless motions, users can witness the transformative power of this cleaner as it effortlessly lifts away stains and restores the beauty of their vehicle's interior.

Furthermore, this auto carpet cleaner leaves no sticky residue behind, ensuring that the freshly cleaned surfaces remain pristine and inviting, with no risk of attracting fresh dirt or debris. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the interior but also prolongs the cleanliness of the surfaces, allowing users to enjoy the results of their efforts for longer periods between cleanings.

Versatility is another hallmark of Meguiar’s carpet cleaner, with its ability to be used on a wide range of surfaces including carpets, vinyl, upholstery, mats, and even seat belt straps. This makes it a one-stop solution for all your interior cleaning needs, eliminating the hassle of having to switch between multiple products for different surfaces.

Moreover, this automotive carpet cleaner prioritises safety, boasting a formulation that is not only safe for use on skin but also on all car surfaces, ensuring that every application is worry-free and hassle-free. Additionally, its environmentally friendly composition underscores Meguiars commitment to sustainability, making it a responsible choice for conscientious car owners.

Meguiar’s carpet cleaner for a car transcends the limitations of ordinary cleaners, offering a comprehensive solution that combines effectiveness, convenience, and safety in one remarkable formula. With its ability to remove stains effectively, eliminate the need for vacuuming, leave no sticky residue behind, cater to a wide range of surfaces, and prioritise safety and environmental responsibility, it stands as an indispensable tool in the arsenal of those who demand nothing but the best for their vehicle's interior.

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