Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Kit

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Don't let rough surfaces ruin your ride

The Meguiar's Smooth Surface Clay Kit is your secret weapon for a super-smooth, contaminant-free paint job.

  • Removes contaminants.
  • Restores finish.
  • Quick application.
  • Enhances performance.
  • Complete kit.


The Meguiar’s Quick Clay Starter Kit is your go-to solution for restoring your vehicle's finish to its original glory. Say goodbye to unsightly contaminants like tree sap, overspray, and industrial fallout that have bonded to your paint's surface, leaving it feeling gritty and lacklustre. This comprehensive kit is designed to quickly and safely eliminate these imperfections, restoring a smooth-as-glass finish that will make your vehicle shine like new.

One of the standout features of this Meguiars clay bar kit is its ability to remove contaminants with ease. The specially formulated clay bars effectively lift away stubborn particles that have become embedded in the paint, leaving behind a clean and smooth surface. This not only improves the appearance of your vehicle but also helps to protect the paint from further damage.

In addition to removing contaminants, the Quick Meguiars clay bar also works to restore the finish of your vehicle. By eliminating imperfections and smoothing out the surface, this kit helps to restore the shine and lustre that may have been lost over time. Whether your vehicle has been exposed to harsh environmental elements or simply needs a refresh, this kit is up to the task.

What sets this kit apart is its quick and easy application process. Unlike traditional clay bars for cars that can be time-consuming and messy to use, the Quick Clay Starter Kit is designed for convenience. Simply apply the included Quick Detailer to the surface of your vehicle, then use the clay bars to gently glide over the paint, lifting away contaminants as you go. The result is a smooth and glossy finish that is ready for the next step in your detailing process.

But the benefits don't stop there. By removing contaminants and restoring the finish of your vehicle, the car clay bar kit also enhances the performance of any polishes and waxes that you apply afterward. With a smoother surface to work with, polishes and waxes will glide on more easily and last longer, giving you professional-quality results with less time and effort.

Overall, the Meguiar’s car clay bar is a complete solution for anyone looking to restore the appearance of their vehicle's paint. With its ability to remove contaminants, restore the finish, and enhance performance, this kit is a must-have for any car enthusiast or detailing professional.

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