Meguiars Super Thick Microfiber Wash Mitt

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For a Show Car Perfect Finish - Wash like a pro!

The Meguiar's Super Thick Microfiber Wash Mitt pampers your car with a scratch-free clean, thanks to its super plush microfiber strands.

  • Swirl-free washing.
  • Lifting and trapping dirt.
  • Super soft.
  • Absorbent microfiber.
  • Plush loops.
  • Machine washable.


Our latest innovation in car care is the new and improved Microfiber Wash Mitt. This product is made to deliver a swirl-free washing experience, this mitt is designed to lift and trap dirt, ensuring a pristine finish with every wash.

One of the key features of our microfibre mitt is its ability to provide swirl-free washing. Unlike traditional wash mitts that can leave behind unsightly swirl marks, our innovative design gently lifts dirt and grime away from the surface, preventing scratches and swirls for a flawless finish.

The secret to our wash mitts' superior performance lies in its plush microfiber construction. Crafted from ultra-soft microfiber material, this mitt offers a gentle wash action that won't harm delicate paintwork or clear coats. The plush loops of the microfiber effectively lift and trap dirt and grime away from the surface, preventing them from scratching the paint as you wash.

But that's not all - our microfibre wash is also incredibly absorbent, thanks to its advanced microfiber technology. The absorbent fibres carry more suds and water, allowing you to effectively clean your vehicle without constantly having to rinse and reload your mitt. This not only saves you time and effort but also ensures a more thorough and efficient wash.

In addition to its superior performance, our washing mitt is also incredibly durable and easy to care for. Unlike traditional mitts that can become caked with dirt and debris, our mitt is machine washable, allowing you to clean it after each use and maintain its effectiveness for years to come.

Whether you're a professional detailer or a car enthusiast looking to achieve show car perfect finishes, our washcloth mitt is the ultimate washing accessory. With its swirl-free washing action, ability to lift and trap dirt, super soft construction, absorbent microfiber, plush loops, and machine washable design, it's the perfect choice for anyone who demands the best for their vehicle.

So, don't wait and upgrade your car washing routine today with our microfiber wash mitt and experience the difference for yourself.

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