Meguiars Supreme Drying Towel Extra Large

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The Meguiar's Supreme Drying Towel Extra Large soaks up water fast, leaving your car spot-free and with a brilliant shine.

  • Clear coat safe.
  • Super absorbent.
  • Machine washable.


For car enthusiasts, achieving a perfect finish after a thorough wash isn't just about the cleaning products – it's about the drying process too. Here's where the Meguiar's car towel drying steps in, offering a superior solution for gently drying your car and avoiding those dreaded swirl marks.

This Meguiars drying towel boasts a luxurious, deep pile microfiber construction. This translates to unmatched absorbency, allowing you to soak up a significant amount of water with each pass. Fewer passes mean less time spent dragging a towel across your car's delicate paintwork, minimising the risk of introducing scratches or swirls. The thick microfiber strands also act as a magnet for water droplets, ensuring a thorough drying process that leaves minimal moisture behind to potentially cause water spots.

The Meguiar's drying car cloth is designed with your car's safety in mind. The edges are specifically engineered to be clear coat safe. This means you can confidently dry around even the most delicate areas of your car, like trim and emblems, without worrying about causing damage.

Furthermore, the large size of this drying cloth proves to be a real time-saver. With more surface area to cover, you can dry larger sections of your car in a single swipe, significantly reducing the overall drying time. This not only streamlines the detailing process but also minimises the risk of dust settling back onto your freshly washed car.

The care and maintenance of Meguiars drying towel car are simple. This machine-washable towel allows for easy cleaning, ensuring it remains plush and effective for multiple uses. By following the recommended washing instructions, you'll extend the lifespan of your towel and ensure it continues to deliver a flawless drying experience for years to come.

Investing in Meguiar's drying towel is an investment in a faster, safer, and more efficient drying process. The combination of superior absorbency, clear coat-safe edges, and an extra-large size makes it an essential tool for achieving a showroom-quality finish at home.

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