Meguiars Supreme Wheel Brush Large

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The ultra-dense bristles of the Meguiar's Supreme Wheel Brush Large agitate dirt and grime for a thorough clean, without scratching your delicate wheels.

  • Thick pile microfibre cleans effectively while being gentle to your wheels.
  • Efficient cleaning with highly absorbent microfibre heads.
  • Easy access to all wheel areas.
  • Safe on all wheel finishes and surfaces.
  • No metal parts.


Our Thick Pile Microfiber Wheel Cleaning Mitt revolutionises the world of car detailing, offering exceptional cleaning power while ensuring utmost care for your wheels. Crafted with thick pile microfiber, it provides effective cleaning without compromising on gentleness, effortlessly lifting dirt, grime, and brake dust without causing any damage.

Efficiency is at the core of our brush wheel cleaner, featuring highly absorbent microfiber heads that efficiently soak up water and cleaning agents, leaving your wheels sparkling clean with each swipe. The easy access design of the wheel brush cleaner allows for effortless cleaning of all-wheel areas, reaching into tight spaces and around intricate wheel designs with ease.

Safety is a top priority in wheel care, and our best wheel cleaning brush is designed to be safe on all wheel finishes and surfaces, including painted, chrome, alloy, or matte wheels. Free of metal parts and stiff bristles, this car rim brush ensures a gentle yet thorough cleaning experience without the risk of scratches or damage.

Our wheel cleaner brush offers not just cleaning prowess but also convenience, with its metal-free construction and easy slip-on design. It's the ultimate tool for achieving clean, gleaming wheels with minimal effort and maximum safety, making Meguiars wheel brush the perfect choice for anyone who values the well-being of their wheels.

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