Meguiars Supreme Wheel Brush Medium

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This medium-sized brush with a comfortable grip easily navigates intricate wheels and removes dirt without scratching.

  • Thick microfiber heads.
  • Superior cleaning ability.
  • Safe on all finishes.
  • Long reach design.
  • No metal parts.


Meguiar's Supreme Wheel Brushes is the ultimate solution for achieving a flawless finish on your wheels. Crafted with precision and engineered for performance, these brushes are designed to deliver superior cleaning results while ensuring the utmost safety for all wheel types and finishes.

At the core of our tyre rim brush are their thick microfiber heads, which boast exceptional cleaning power while remaining gentle on your wheels. The plush microfiber bristles effectively lift dirt, grime, and brake dust from the surface, providing a thorough clean without causing any scratches or damage. Say goodbye to harsh brushes that can leave behind swirl marks or abrasions – with our brushes, your wheels will shine like new without any compromise on safety.

What sets our rim brushes apart is their superior cleaning ability. Whether you're dealing with stubborn brake dust, road grime, or other contaminants, these brushes tackle the toughest cleaning tasks with ease. The dense microfiber bristles penetrate deep into crevices and intricate wheel designs, ensuring that every inch of your wheels is left sparkling clean.

Safety is a priority when it comes to caring for your wheels, which is why our Meguiars wheel brushes are engineered to be safe on all finishes. Whether you have painted, chrome, alloy, or matte wheels, you can trust that our brushes will not cause any damage or scratching. With our brushes, you can clean your wheels with confidence, knowing that they are in good hands.

Designed with convenience in mind, our wheel brushes feature a long-reach design that allows you to easily access all wheel areas, including the back of your wheels. No more struggling to reach tight spots or awkward angles – with our brushes, you can achieve a show car finish with minimal effort.

In addition to their superior cleaning ability and safety features, our supreme wheel brushes are also free of metal parts. Unlike brushes with metal bristles or other metal components that can scratch or damage your wheels, our brushes are entirely metal-free, ensuring a worry-free cleaning experience.

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