Meguiars Tyre Dressing Applicator Pad

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Achieve a showroom shine with Meguiar's Tyre Dressing Applicator Pad! This specially designed pad allows for easy and even application of your favourite Meguiar's tyre dressings. Get those tyres looking black and beautiful in no time!

  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Soft foam pad.
  • Contoured grip.
  • Ideal for all tyres.
  • Protective sleeve.


Achieving a showroom shine doesn't stop at the paintwork. Gleaming tyres complete the picture, and the Meguiar's foaming applicator is your key to effortless application and a mess-free experience.

This foam applicator boasts a soft foam construction. This ensures the gentle application of your favourite Meguiar's tyre dressing, preventing streaks or uneven distribution. The foam readily absorbs the dressing, allowing you to apply a thin, even coat for a natural-looking shine that won't leave your tyres greasy.

But the benefits extend beyond performance. The Meguiars pads are ergonomically designed with a contoured hand grip. This grip provides a comfortable and secure hold, minimising hand fatigue during the application process. More importantly, it helps you maintain a distance from the tyre dressing itself, keeping your hands clean and free from product residue.

For those who value convenience, the Meguiars applicator pads come with a protective sleeve. This sleeve allows for cleaner storage, preventing the pad from drying out or accumulating dust between uses. It also keeps any residual dressing contained, ensuring a mess-free experience when you reach for the pad again.

The Meguiar's foaming applicator is a versatile tool. Its compact size allows you to easily manoeuvre around the entire tyre surface, ensuring even application on both the sidewalls and treads. This is particularly beneficial for reaching those hard-to-get areas near the wheel well.

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