Meguiars Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner 710ML

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Blast away brake dust and grime with Meguiar's Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner! This powerful formula tackles stubborn dirt safely, leaving your wheels sparkling clean and protected. Just spray, rinse, and watch your wheels shine!

  • Active gel dissolves brake dust.
  • Quickly dissolves heavy brake dust.
  • Tough on road grime and dirt.
  • Acid free, safe on all wheels.


Your car's wheels take a beating. They constantly battle road grime, brake dust, grease, and even road salts during winter months. All these elements can build up, leaving your wheels looking dull and neglected. But fear not, detailers and car enthusiasts – Meguiar's Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner (710ml) is here to save the day.

This powerful yet gentle formula tackles even the toughest wheel contaminants, restoring your wheels to their former glory with minimal effort. Here's a closer look at what makes Meguiar's Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner the ultimate weapon in your wheel care arsenal

Unlike traditional cleaners that rely on harsh chemicals, Meguiars - Ultimate Black Plastic Restore utilises a unique blend of surfactants and active cleaning agents. These work together to effectively dissolve and remove stubborn brake dust buildup, road grime, grease, and other contaminants.

For added user satisfaction, the formula includes colour-changing indicators. As the cleaner interacts with brake dust, it turns a distinctive purple, letting you know exactly where the cleaning action is happening. This allows you to target areas that may require a little more attention.

Not all wheel cleaners are created equal. Harsh chemicals can damage certain wheel finishes. The beauty of Meguiars ultimate wheel cleaner lies in its pH-balanced and acid-free formula. This ensures safe cleaning on a variety of wheel types, including painted alloys, chrome, clear-coated aluminium, uncoated aluminium, steel wheels, and even multi-piece rims. It's also gentle on coated brake calipers and tires, making it a true one-stop wheel cleaning solution.

Wheel cleaner Meguiars boasts a unique gel formula. This innovative design clings to vertical surfaces more effectively, providing extended dwell time for the cleaning agents to work their magic. This translates to a more thorough clean, even on those hard-to-reach areas around spokes and lug nuts.

The beauty of this formula is that it requires minimal to no scrubbing. Simply spray the gel onto your cool wheels, let it dwell for 30 seconds to allow the cleaning agents to work their magic, and then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Meguiar's wheel cleaner prioritises safety and environmental responsibility. This formula is free of harsh chemicals and unpleasant odours, making it a pleasure to use. Additionally, it's biodegradable, so you can rest assured you're not harming the environment while achieving a clean shine.

Meguiar's wheel cleaner than just a cleaner; it's an investment in the overall appearance of your car. Sparkling clean wheels instantly elevate the visual appeal of your vehicle, and with this user-friendly formula, achieving that showroom shine is within reach. This 710ml bottle offers a good amount of product for multiple washes, making it a cost-effective solution for long-term wheel care.

So, ditch the elbow grease and harsh chemicals. Upgrade your wheel cleaning routine with Meguiars Ultimate Wheel Cleaner.

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