Meguiars Ultimate Tyre Shine 425g

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Meguiar's Ultimate Tyre Shine restores a rich, black look and long-lasting lustre to your tyres.

  • Easy aerosol application.
  • Soaking wet-look.
  • Extreme gloss.
  • Long-lasting bond.


Enhance your vehicle's appearance to new heights with Meguiar's Ultimate Tyre Shine Coating, the epitome of tire care excellence. Crafted with advanced synthetic polymer chemistry, this premium aerosol tyre shine offers a host of benefits that will leave your tyres looking sleek, glossy, and attention-grabbing.

Experience unmatched convenience with Meguiars ultimate tyre shine, featuring an easy aerosol application that simplifies the tyre detailing process. Say goodbye to messy applicators and cumbersome tyre gels – with just a simple spray, you can achieve professional-grade results in a matter of minutes. Whether you're a seasoned detailer or a novice enthusiast, Meguiar's Ultimate Tyre Shine Coating makes tyre maintenance a breeze.

Prepare to be captivated by the soaking wet-look achieved with Meguiars tyre shine. Infused with advanced synthetic polymers, this premium formula delivers a deep, lustrous shine that mimics the appearance of freshly wet tyres. Watch as your tyres transform before your eyes, exuding a level of brilliance and depth that commands attention wherever you go.

Experience extreme gloss like never before with tyre shine Meguiars. Formulated to enhance the natural beauty of your tyres, this high-gloss aerosol tyre shine delivers a stunning finish that rivals the shine of showroom-quality tyres. From sleek sports cars to rugged SUVs, Meguiar's Ultimate Tyre Shine Coating elevates the aesthetic appeal of any vehicle with its unmatched glossiness.

But this tyre shine coating doesn't just offer superficial shine – it also provides a long-lasting bond that ensures your tyres stay looking their best for longer. Engineered to withstand the rigours of daily driving, this premium aerosol tyre shine forms a durable protective barrier that shields your tyres from environmental contaminants and UV radiation. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your tyres are protected and looking their best, mile after mile.

Meguiar's Ultimate Tyre Shine Coating sets a new standard for tyre care excellence, offering an easy aerosol application, soaking wet-look appearance, extreme glossiness, and a long-lasting bond that ensures your tyres stay looking pristine for longer.

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